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As with many other popular television series, The Avengers and The New Avengers have long histories of home video releases on VHS and DVD. With both series coming under a variety of ownerships in the years since their production, this has lead to issue and reissue of home video editions sometimes just months apart.

The earliest official home video releases appear to have been of The New Avengers, with three rather poor VHS tapes containing six episodes being released in the UK in 1989 and 1990 although a series of poor quality 'pirate' home video releases surfaced in the USA and Spain from a variety of video labels before this time. From that point on, there has been a flood of VHS tapes and now DVDs and Blu-rays and these pages have been set up to record all these releases. There have also been the occasional intances of releases on now-defunct formats such as Laserdisc and VCD.

You will find release date information, details of content, any extra features or information of note, plus thumbnail images of cover artwork, linking where we have them available to larger, gallery-sized versions. The Avengers Declassified intends to cover the home video releases of as many countries as possible.

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