Wednesday 16th November 2016 - NEW BOOK FROM AVENGERWORLD WRITER... I'm delighted to announce that my friend Roy Bettridge, one of the people who wrote for my Avengerworld book, has just had his first full-length work published by Pot Luck Books.

Look (Stop Me If You've Heard This One...) But There Was This TV Show is a fictional, semi-autobiographical novella that explores the early life of an Avengers as he becomes engaged with the series, through the pages of long-lost, uncovered diaries.

It's a lovely little book, which I am pleased to recommend - and a pinch at just £9.99 + shipping (and you can save 15% with the code FWD15). Order Link!

Roy's book is a fun, engaging addition to any Avengers bookshelf. As one of the people who has helped with the editing and proofing of this book, I know only too well the amount of hard work and dedication that Roy has put into writing his first published novel and I wish him and the book every success! The book deserves to do well, and I'm sure it will.

Wednesday 12th October 2016 - BONZER NEW DVD EDITION FOR AUSTRALIA... News has trickled in over the last few weeks of a new edition of The Avengers to be released by Madman Entertainment in Australia on 7th December 2016. Containing many exclusive features including new commentaries with Honor Blackman and Linda Thorson plus interview footage from the Avengers at 50 event from 2011, this looks like being the definitive DVD edition. The question is, can I afford to import it???  While I wrestle with this dilemma, I've updated Little Wonders to include these fabulous new releases.

Monday 3rd October 2016 - TUNNEL OF FEAR - LOST EPISODE FOUND!!!... It's not every day that I get to announce something absolutely, mind-blowingly incredible, but today's one of those days! Yes, as you'll have realised from the subject line of this update, Tunnel of Fear, the 20th episode of Series 1 of The Avengers... has been found on 16mm film. Here's the update from Chris Perry of Kaleidoscope:

"Kaleidoscope's love affair with The Avengers goes back to watching the Channel 4 repeats; and then visiting the Pinewood studios to root around the old ABC archive to see what could be found. The Frighteners was found after seeing a clip on Ian Hendry's This Is Your Life. Hot Snow Act 1 and Girl on the Trapeze turned up at UCLA. I remember Dave Rogers and I opening cans to find The Golden Fleece, which was the last Honor Blackman episode to be found. I also remember our surprise when we persuaded Lumiere to re-master the negs of Rigg and Thorson onto D3 and discovered the prints were longer than the C4 prints. Yes indeed, I have always had a love affair with The Avengers.

Now today I am delighted to announce that Kaleidoscope has acquired the long-lost print of Tunnel of Fear. We will be screening this rediscovered edition at our November event Missing Believed Wiped Central. We hope to have a guest connected with the show to introduce it as well.

We have also acquired a large film collection simultaneously which contains more lost archive gems and I will be announcing each of those new finds all week at 9.30pm.

None of this could have happened without Steve Birt who has proven once again to be a very worthy friend and financial backer to Kaleidoscope.

We look forward to you joining us to enter the Tunnel of Fear on November 12th 2016 at Birmingham City University. To accommodate the expected rush for tickets we have extended tickets to 250. That is our maximum maximum though. The event time has been extended by an hour and will now finish at 6pm."

The Tunnel of Fear page here at Declassified has received an update as a result - and I can say that I got a real thrill changing "Archive Holding: DOES NOT EXIST" to "Archive Holding: 16mm B/W Film Recording"!!!

Wednesday 28th September 2016 - The Lost Episodes, Volume 6... Our Big Finish section has today received an update courtesy of Richard McGinlay, who has taken an in-depth look at their most recent Lost Episodes release, volume six. Episodes: The Frighteners, Death on the Slipway and Tunnel of Fear.

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Fanfic and Fanart at the Forum... The Avengers International Fan Forum has been rebranded today (if you're a member, go to the forum, go into your Profile from the link in the header and change the Board Style choice to 'Avengers' or 'Avengers smartBlue' to see the changes). The administrators (of whom I am one!) have also listened to member comments about the decline in the forum and are beginning to act on them after discussion among ourselves. The first of the new innovations is a creative zone, where members can post, highlight and discuss Avengers fan fiction, artwork and more besides: Mission... Highly Creative!

Monday 6th June 2016 - Old Time Radio / New Time Audio... Today, I've been able to add a little detail to the biography of Lynda Stuart, with thanks to Donald Monat. There's not yet enough information to expand her entry to a full page, so you'll find it at the foot of the radio biographies page. I've also started to port over Information about Avengers on the Radio's restoration project as The Restoration Game - this will receive further updates. Meanwhile, Richard McGinlay has revisited and finalised the Big Finish Lost Episodes entries for Volume 5, namely the pages for Nightmare, Girl on the Trapeze, Crescent Moon and Diamond Cut Diamond.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 - Radio Recoveries... Today, I've revisited and expanded the feature about radio series Episode Recoveries (sadly no new leads, 14 years on from our good fortune of being offered off-air tapes).

Wednesday 1st June 2016 - Back in Time to 2001... I've added a very special page to the radio series area today which has a smack of Avengerweb about it. Fifteen years ago, Donald Monat was invited along to The Avengers Forum to discuss the radio series with Avengers fans. While a fair proportion of what transpired has been added to our Donald Monat Interview, it struck me that it would be nice and quite nostalgic to try to preserve the original exchanges as best as possible. This task didn't prove particularly easy, as I had saved only highlights of the exchanges and the version of the forum in operation in 2001 is now long defunct. However, the Wayback Machine has preserved parts of the discussions that took place, and now I've compiled what I had saved as text with what I could find on Wayback - you can see the result at Steed Visits the Forum, now preserved at The Avengers Declassified.

Monday 30th May 2016 - Behind the Radio Scene... The work on biographies relating to the Avengers radio series concludes today, with Production Team biographies added for the small group of behind-the-scenes people working on the series: Dennis Folbigge, David Gooden, Tony Jay and Paul Wright. Likewise for The Announcers: Denis Smith and Malcolm Gooding. Each entry has received a spruce up compared to its AOR forebear.

Sunday 29th May 2016 - More Radio Series Biographies... The task of transferring information from the Avengers on the Radio website continues today, with another set of biographies for radio series actors added. Each one has been checked and updated and some have even been written from scratch. Today's line-up: Kerry Jordan, Michael McGovern, Bruce Millar, Gordon Mulholland, Hal Orlandini, Erica Rogers, Clive Scott, David Sherwood and Joe Stewardson.

Saturday 28th May 2016 - Radio Series Biographies... Expanded biographies are now being added to the radio series section - just click "Further Detail" in each potted biography. Pages so far completed: Donald Monat, June Dixon, Diane Appleby, Hugh Rouse, Colin Fish, Anthony Fridjhon, Stuart Brown, Adrian Egan, Terrick FitzHugh, Gillian Garlick, Rex Garner, Shelagh Holliday, Annabel Linder, Michael Mayer, Michael McCabe and Don McCorkindale. Many of these entries have been significantly updated and expanded compared to their equivalents on the old Avengers on the Radio site - sadly, some of the updates are sad, as several of these Avengers luminaries have passed away in the last few years. The good news though is that Donald Monat and his wife June Dixon are still going strong in their eighties!

Friday 27th May 2016 - Radio Series Migration Continuation Continues... The radio series guide pages for Return of the Ripper (newly identified as a Tony Jay era serial), The Super Secret Cypher Snatch, Dial a Deadly Number, Not to Be Sneezed At, Pandora, Who Shot Poor George / XR40?, A Grave Charge, All Done by Mirrors, The Morning After, The Joker, Straight from the Shoulder, Stop Me If You've Heard This, From Venus with Love, Take Me to Your Leader, A Case of Interrogation, Too Many Olés, Train of Events, The Curious Case of the Countless Clues, Split!, The Rotters, Can You Ever Trust a Woman, Force of Evil and Escape in Time (Remake) have been revisited today. The colour scheme of these pages has been altered to pay homage to my previous site Avengers on the Radio, which will shortly be closing its doors (but only once all worthwhile material has been preserved here).

Also, there's a very nice new Avengers mini-site just launched by the good people at - Timevault: The New Avengers. See Avengerweb for details.

Finally, The Avengers International Fan Forum has been slow and quiet of late. The administrators there are attempting to bring it back to life, so please do take a look and take part.

Thursday 26th May 2016 - Radio Series Migration Continues... Further tweaks to our Radio Series area today, including a revision to the notes on the Serials Guide introduction, plus subtle changes made to the guide pages for Escape in Time, The Fantasy Game, The Quick-Quick-Slow Death, Love All, Get-A-Way and A Deadly Gift.

Friday 6th May 2016 - Radio Series Migration... As part of the process of 'moving house', I've decided finally to close my old Avengers on the Radio site, migrating the content there that was not previously included at Declassified. To begin with, I've added a page of Background Notes and have moved a page commenting on the radio series from the radio section to Stay Tuned. The Introduction page for the radio series has also been heavily rewritten and expanded, and pages about International Broadcasts and Episode Recoveries have been added.

Monday 2nd May 2016 - And We're Back - at a New Home... It's been a long time since my last update to The Avengers Declassified and there's been a very good reason - I have been locked out of the site following a catastrophic computer failure in which I lost my access details. Unfortunately, I had no direct recourse to the host and have finally regained access due to help from David K Smith, Tony McKay and a sudden bolt of inspiration on my part.

In the two months during which I couldn't update Declassified, I decided the time had come to move the site to a new URL, though until I had regained access I knew this would be futile as visitors would go to the usual address and not be aware that the site had moved since I could not get in to leave a redirect or even a notice.

Finally, I've got in, and have now left a redirect page and today The Avengers Declassified starts its new life as part of the Hidden Tiger family.

To begin with I'm doing some housework, and part of this is to remove content which is out of date and has been superseded by our books. As a result, the Series 1 'Stories in Depth' section has been dropped, as our researches have taken those pages well beyond what appeared on the site and it seems unfair to update them considering that people have paid to buy the revised information in book form - if visitors are interested in detailed coverage of Series 1, we humbly recommend a purchase of Two Against the Underworld - The Complete Unauthorised Guide to The Avengers Series 1 from Hidden Tiger. Save 25% and get free priority shipping (select this during checkout) with the code LULURC - great value!

I have also commenced removing the 'Ministry Verdict' sections of episode guide pages, as I feel that this site would benefit from being more impartial. Our strengths are in presenting historical information about the production of the series, not in critiquing episodes, and this is a factor in their removal.

Finally, Avengerweb has had an update regarding this move (nothing you haven't read here) and previous updates have been reorganised by year, accessible from the side menu to the right.

Coming soon - some new material!

Friday 19th February 2016 - Avengerworld a big success...

I apologise for the lack of updates these past couple of weeks; I have been exceptionally busy publicising Avengerworld among other things. The good news is that the book is already a big success. Just two weeks after publication, it has raised £500 for the Champion Chanzige charity and I hope the final total will be even more impressive than the first month figure. If you've purchased, then thank you very much indeed. I hope you find it an absorbing and entertaining read. If you haven't bought, please consider doing so as it has some wonderful personal stories contained in its 294 pages, and every copy sold benefits the charity and therefore helps underprivileged children in South Tanzania.

Order Links: Hardcover (delivery time 2-3 weeks) • Paperback (1-2 weeks)

Saturday 6th February 2016 - Avengerworld Charity Anthology out today... I'm delighted to announce that today, to coincide with what would have been the late, great Patrick Macnee's 94th birthday, a charity anthology that I have co-ordinated and edited is published in his memory. The book's been in the works for more than a year and obviously it didn't start out as a tribute to Patrick, but the news of his sad death last year and the focus of many essays on what an inspiration he was... it just seemed to be the perfect thing to dedicate to our hero.

The essays (and there are 43 of them!) take the theme "The Avengers in my life" and each author approaches the subject from his or her unique perspective. Fans from many nations are represented in the book and they reveal what it was like to grow up with The Avengers in different parts of the world - Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, the UK and the USA.

Among the writers are the pioneering television historian Dave Rogers, who has written the foreword - returning to write about The Avengers after more than ten years - and Jason Whiton of SpyVibe, who delivers the afterword. It wouldn't be fair to highlight specific writers beyond these two, but suffice it to say that the quality of writing is very high throughout the book. There are names that you will recognise and others that will be new to you. I've worked with all these people over the last year, and I must say it has been a huge pleasure to co-ordinate the Avengerworld book - one of the highlights of my time in fandom.

The book is, I believe, valuable in the way that it documents fan experiences in different cultures and environments, but it is doubly important in that it is a charity title which will help improve the lives of underprivileged children at a primary school in Chanzige, South Tanzania. Each book sold benefits our charity partner Champion Chanzige, a small but very worthy organisation which makes a real difference to the children and staff at the school.

Pre-launch sales to contributors have meant that £183.86 has been raised for the cause already as a result of Avengerworld purchases. I hope that this is a good sign for the success of the book and our aim to send a lot of money the way of Champion Chanzige.

Full details are available at Hidden Tiger: Avengerworld - The Avengers in Our Lives.

Thursday 21st January 2016 - Volume 5 of The Lost Episodes out today... Happier news than imparted in my last update, and one that sees further exploration of Leonard White's legacy - today the fifth volume of The Avengers - The Lost Episodes has been released by Big Finish Productions. Details in Big Finish News - and, to celebrate, we have added Episode Guide pages for all four of the new productions included: Nightmare, Girl on the Trapeze, Crescent Moon and Diamond Cut Diamond.

Thursday 7th January 2016 - Leonard White (1916-2016)... I am very sad to report the death last Saturday of Leonard White, the original producer of The Avengers. Leonard was very kind and accommodating in helping Richard McGinlay​ and myself with our various Avengers and Police Surgeon projects, and for that I will forever be grateful to him. He was mere months off his 100th birthday, and yet in recent years his mind was still sharp and his recollection likewise. His legacy would be remarkable if he had only been responsible for The Avengers, but he was the man behind so many more great shows. I have today added Leonard's name to the site dedication, such was his contribution to our researches here. RIP, Leonard. You were a gent and will most certainly be missed.

In addition, Big Finish News also has a tribute to Leonard, written by John Dorney.

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