Monday 16th December 2013 –
Jamaica? No, She Wanted to Go
John Steed and Cathy Gale fight crime in an exotic locale without ever leaving the confines of Teddington Studios in Death Dispatch, ably documented today by Richard McGinlay.

Sunday 20th October 2013 –
Recurring Nightmare
We take a second look today at the fourth episode of Series 1 - Nightmare - adding a new Production Brief note to the Episode Guide page and giving the Story in Depth a minor brush-up. Thanks to Richard McGinlay for these updates.

Thursday 17th October 2013 –
Bringing the Far Distant Dead into Focus
Thanks to Richard for tweaking the last few paragraphs of the Story in Depth for The Far Distant Dead, to take account of some new information.

Thursday 3rd October 2013 –
A Slight Case of Reincarnation
More from our Dead on Arrival section today which deals with the Avengers projects that almost were but which didn't quite make it to the screen. J. Ferguson takes a look at the mid-1980s project Avengers International and has submitted an episode guide page, an in-depth look at the story and a review. Also today, the latest news about the Big Finish adaptations...

Monday 16th September 2013 –
Dr King and Desperate Men
Richard McGinlay has provided an absolutely superb episode guide page for The Sell-Out, positively bursting with stuff you didn't know and other things you didn't even think to ask about!

Friday 23rd August 2013 –
Latest from Big Finish
A first look today at the box art for the first of the Avengers Lost Episodes sets in production by Big Finish - hop over to Big Finish News for a peek!

Wednesday 14th August 2013 –
Visit the Costa del Steed
Belatedly, the Animations News has been updated with news of the premiere of the first episode of Too Many Steeds. You can watch the episode on Channel Steed and read about it in the Episode Guide!

Sunday 11th August 2013 –
Carry On at the Convent...
Once again, Richard McGinlay has come up with a remarkable episode guide page, this time for Dead on Course from Series 2. We guarantee that there will be things there you hadn't even thought of! Thanks Richard!

Tuesday 6th August 2013 –
What People Say About The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes... + Another New Section!
Here's what some people have been saying about The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes: The Lost Stories of The Avengers Series 1...

"Got this book a few days ago. Hardback. It's really glorious - far, far better than I ever expected it to be; yes, I knew the content was going to be great (look at the authors), but it's a very nicely produced work too. Easily the best Avengers book to date."

"This book is a fantastic addition to The Avengers series of books that are out there. It truly lifts a lid on what everyone has missed from the very first season that starred Ian Hendry and Patrick Macnee."

Also today, my thanks to J. Ferguson of the excellent New Avengers website Anew for submitting an excellent episode guide feature on The First Avengers Movie, which forms the first entry in our new Dead on Arrival section. The area will document Avengers projects that didn't quite make it to the finished article.

Satuday 3rd August 2013 –
The International Scene...
Many thanks to Denis for researching some additional Emma Peel era transmission details for Argentina.

Monday 29th July 2013 –
Say Hello to Carol and listen to Steed and Keel...
The Big Finish section is updated tonight with the latest news concerning the casting of the Series 1 audio adaptations and the release of the first teaser trailer.

Saturday 27th July 2013 –
New Section - Big Finish Audiobooks...
I'm delighted today to usher in another brand new section devoted to the forthcoming audiobooks from Big Finish Productions. The company have recorded their first four Avengers plays this week, adapting lost episode scripts beginning with Hot Snow and Brought to Book. This section will include news and all the usual in-depth details you have come to expect from The Avengers Declassified, but for now, there's an introductory piece, order links (so DO order!) and a news page.

Thursday 18th July 2013 –
The Old Avengers in Canada...
...or at least they were heading towards it! Richard McGinlay takes a gloriously in-depth look at Mission to Montreal today. As a result, the episode guide page is now simply bursting at the seams with exclusive production information, trivia and the like. Many thanks Richard for an exhaustive essay!

Sunday 14th July 2013 –
More Vance, More Julie, More Schooling...
An additional note has been added this morning to the Dance with Death Production Brief concerning the 1961 incident at Teddington Studios involving director Dennis Vance, giving Patrick Macnee's perspective. I've also added an additional Stop Press note to The Decapod, concerning Julie Stevens' television acting debut. Finally, another Venus Smith episode has been tackled today, School for Traitors. Our Series 2 Episode Guide is filling up nicely!

Saturday 13th July 2013 –
Open the Box...
We're full steam ahead now with our Series 2 coverage, and today we drop in once more on Venus Smith to take a look at her episode Box of Tricks. The page for The Removal Men has also been added to, thanks to Piers Johnson pointing out something I'd missed, which has now been added to the final note. I have also added new Stop Press notes for the following Series 1 episodes: Hot Snow, Brought to Book, Square Root of Evil, Crescent Moon, The Radioactive Man, The Frighteners, Double Danger, Tunnel of Fear, The Far Distant Dead, Kill the King and Dead of Winter. This latter episode also features a new Production Brief note concerning music requirements. Finally, I have also been able to ascertain once and for all that the working title often ascribed to Dragonsfield - The Case of the Happy Camper - was never originally associated with that episode, rather it was the working title of a Series 2 episode.

Friday 12th July 2013 –
Take a Trip to the French Riviera, but Beware of Bugs
Our odyssey through Series 2 takes us today to the Cτte d'Azur and lands us in Bug Siegel's nightclub, Les Centaurs, for The Removal Men. Our new episode guide page includes all you'd expect from us, and possibly more besides!

Wednesday 10th July 2013 –
The Avengers That Never Was
My thanks to J. Ferguson for an absolutely superb review of the ill-fated attempt to return The Avengers to the screen in 1981 - Stay Tuned: The First Avengers Movie. Everyone with an interest in the series and what might have been are encouraged to read this great article.

Tuesday 9th July 2013 –
Who Was That Masked Man?
The Series 2 episode guide pages get off to a rip-roaring start with The Decapod, as we unmask its production process!

Monday 8th July 2013 –
The Chronicles of Radeck
Thanks to Richard for running a final check on the episode guide for Girl on the Trapeze, which consequently now features additional location, trivia and blooper notes.

Thursday 4th July 2013 –
May the Fourth Series DVD Cover!
Quite possibly the most forced update header of all time, but I'd like to wish all Stateside Avengers a very happy 4th of July celebration... and I am also pleased to add, thanks to Denis, another unlicensed VHS cover, for Series 4 episode The House That Jack Built (Hollywood Select Video).

Wednesday 26th June 2013 –
The Avengers Audiobook Debut
Some great, astounding news from Big Finish, who have licensed The Avengers for a series of audiobooks. Twelve lost Series 1 episodes are being adapted for audio with releases commencing from January 2014. This is a wonderful development and we at The Avengers Declassified hope that our readers will support this venture as wholeheartedly as we will. More details here and ordering details here.

Tuesday 25th June 2013 –
The Dennis Vance Scandal
Many thanks to Mike Hill for sending me some newspaper cuttings that have led to me writing a lengthy new piece for the Production Brief of Dance with Death. I was previously unaware of the incident concerning Avengers director Dennis Vance which is mentioned in the reports, and have now uncovered further information to produce and update that makes for sobering reading.

Tuesday 18th June 2013 –
There Be Pirates!
My good friend Denis Kirsanov has surprised me yet again with some further information about the unlicensed USA VHS releases documented in our Little Wonders section. This includes catalogue numbers, some new confirmed titles, and a cover or two. Thanks Denis! Thanks also to the Renata, Claudio and Giuseppe of Serie TV, who have let me know about their website - references to this Italian fansite devoted to classic TV (and covering The Avengers) have been added to Avengerweb 2002 and 2013.

Monday 17th June 2013 –
Little Wonders Updated
Thanks to Sιbastien Lamy for sending a few missing covers for Little Wonders, one for French VHS Releases and another, the internal covers for the Kult TV 'Movie Commemoration' collection, for UK VHS Releases.

Thursday 13th June 2013 –
Clowning Around with Ian Hendry
Thanks to Gabriel Hershman's superb biography of Ian Hendry, I have been able to add a little more flesh to the bone with reference to Ian's association with the circus and Coco the Clown. As such, the episode guide pages for Girl on the Trapeze, Dead of Winter and To Catch A Rat have received some attention. Gabriel's biography, Send in the Clowns - The Yo Yo Life of Ian Hendry, is essential reading for Avengers fans and I recommend it very highly to readers of The Avengers Declassified. Don't miss out on a copy!

Wednesday 12th June 2013 –
New Animation on the Way + Series 1 Book + Series 2 Episode Guide
Some great news for fans of The Avengers radio series and the series in general. Another animation is on the way from Paul Farrer (Fazz68 Productions)! This time it's Too Many Olιs that's being tackled (which itself was an adaptation of They Keep Killing Steed, but set - as originally planned - in Spain). The animated version will be called Too Many Steeds - one of my small contributions to this new animation - and the first episode is due in the next month or two. The news has been added to John Steed's Newsround and you can see a special teaser video over at Channel Steed, where you can also catch the first serial, The Cybernauts. These animations are superb, and the new one looks to be even better and more assured than the first - please support them and 'Like' the videos on You Tube. Making your voice heard will help ensure that they continue.

Sales of the book I announced last Thursday have been encouraging. Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far. Details about the book can be found in the 6th June update and it's possible to make a small saving on it and any other title listed above by using the discount code FAST5 (case sensitive).

Finally, eagle-eyed visitors to Declassified will have noticed that Episode Guide pages for Series 2 are beginning to be added. These are essentially placeholders for the moment, although cast and crew lists and transmission information is already in situ. These pages will be populated with further information over time, and such updates will be highlighted here in What's New.

Thursday 6th June 2013 –
The Big Announcement - Our First Avengers Book!
It's a couple of days later than expected, but I'm delighted to say that I'm now in the position to unveil The Avengers Declassified's first book! The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes - The Lost Stories of The Avengers Series 1 is available from today in hardcover and paperback. It's written by Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes and Alys Hayes and covers Series 1 from the point of view of its narrative and its archive status. The book can be ordered via the links above, but further information can be found at Hidden Tiger's website. The book is to be the first in a series, and the process will lead to major updates to the website also. The content of the books will be familiar to readers of this website, but they will have a permanency that a website can never have. Obviously, if visitors purchase these books, it will make a significant difference to funds for this site - and everyone wins. :)

Avengerweb's Webscape in Time is updated to include mention of this publication of The Avengers Declassified and also of Neil Hendry's website devoted to his uncle Ian.

Sunday 2nd June 2013 –
Avengers Radio Downloads
The radio downloads service is now ended. If anyone missed out and would like to order a later than last minute set of the series, drop me a line. Be watching for a big announcement in the next day or two!

Thursday 30th May 2013 –
Avengers Radio Downloads - A Last Minute Reminder
A quick heads up to folks in these parts that the radio downloads service ends tomorrow. If you want the radio series in spick and span condition, it's last knockings. Get in there now, before it's gone. Details above. Please note that anyone who orders will still have the normal two week window in which to download. The radio series is highly unlikely to be made available in this quality again.

Thursday 23rd May 2013 –
The Change of Bait Controversy
A fascinating find tonight, which has been written up as a trivia item on the A Change of Bait Episode Guide page. It appears that an episode about arsonists proved even more incendiary than intended!

Tuesday 21st May 2013 –
You're On Your Own Steed!
Our work on the Series 1 Stories in Depth concludes tonight, appropriately with Dragonsfield, the last episode of 1961 to be broadcast, and the first Avengers story to feature John Steed without David Keel. I have significantly revised the in-depth synopsis, and have added a series of explanatory footnotes. I am grateful to Alys Hayes for writing the initial version of this synopsis, and to Richard McGinlay for his insights and suggestions, all of which have greatly improved the finished article. Richard has also written a superb trivia note for the accompanying Episode Guide page, concerning the spacesuits on show in the episode.

The radio series downloads service is now in its last ten days. If you're prevaricating about buying a set, now would be a good time to get your order in. When it's gone, it's gone. Details above.

Tuesday 7th May 2013 –
The Horsemeat Scandal's Got Nothing on This...
Thanks to Richard McGinlay for casting an eye over the Story in Depth for Dead of Winter, the episode which gives you chills and a fear of looking in the freezer...

Saturday 4th May 2013 –
Added M.Appeal...
Many thanks to Julian Knott for sending in a trade flier for the Contender M.Appeal VHS releases, which can be viewed on the UK Home Video Publicity page of Little Wonders.

Thursday 2nd May 2013 –
Last Month of Radio Series Downloads...
A brief return to give notice that the radio series downloads service will be ending on May 31st 2013. This is the final extension to the service and it will be withdrawn from midnight on that day. Ordering details above... Regular updates will return very shortly.

Thursday 18th April 2013 –
The Avengers Declassified is taking a holiday until the end of the month. During that time, the radio series downloads service is being rested, to return on 29th April or thereabouts. The site will remain available as usual, but will not be updated. See you on the other side!

Tuesday 16th April 2013 –
The First Avenger...
Recommended reading
- Gabriel Hershman's biography of Ian Hendry is now available to buy and is highly recommended by The Avengers Declassified.

Wednesday 10th April 2013 –
Yes, We Have Some Bananas...
Many thanks to Richard McGinlay for running his eye over the Story in Depth for A Change of Bait, now suitably updated and augmented with his help.

Monday 8th April 2013 –
Ian Hendry on This Is Your Life + Ian Hendry website...
A small but pleasing update today, which represents a little mystery solved. I have known for some time that Ian Hendry appeared on This Is Your Life at around the time of his stint on The Avengers, and initially thought the programme was devoted to him. It now transpires that he was actually a guest, called in to relate a story concerning his good friend Nicolai Poliakoff (aka Coco the Clown), the subject of that week's edition. The information I've tracked down has been added as a trivia note to Dead of Winter - and I must thank Neil Hendry, Ian's nephew, for putting me on the right track with this one... Neil has recently launched the official website for Ian Hendry and I heartily recommend Avengers fans take a look and join in discussions concerning Ian on their Facebook and other pages.

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 –
The Avengers Animated!
A very exciting day for The Avengers Declassified today... We are pleased to bring you a brand new section, which we are sure will prove very popular and provide visitors with hours of entertainment. The new section concerns the non-commercial animations produced by Fazz68 Productions, which came to public attention towards the end of 2012 with The Cybernauts being serialised. Now, you can watch and read about these animations at Declassified, and find out the latest news on future productions. My thanks to Paul Farrer/Fazz68 Productions for all the help given in making this great new section a reality. Check it out - The Animations. Please hover over the left hand menu with your mouse, and refresh the pane, otherwise the quick link to The Animations may not show up straight away.

Thursday 28th March 2013 –
Kings and Desperate Men + Radio Series Downloads...
The Series 1 polish reaches Kill the King today, which benefits from Richard's attention. Both the Episode Guide and Story in Depth pages, as well as The Yellow Needle's trivia section have been updated.

Tuesday 26th March 2013 –
Soho-A-Go-Go + Little Wonders...
Take a stroll into the murky nightlife of Soho, with our revised Story in Depth for the Series 1 episode, Toy Trap (with thanks to Richard for going through this one and suggesting improvements)... considerably more in depth! A turn-off onto the high street will then lead you to Little Wonders... which has been spruced up in places with help from Denis, including a new USA unlicensed VHS cover for Game (previously only in B/W) and new and improved covers, plus catalogue numbers, for USA VHS.

Monday 18th March 2013 –
Yellow Fever and How to Cure It...
Our endeavours to polish the Series 1 episode guides and in depth synopses before moving on to Series 2 continues today with Richard McGinlay giving The Yellow Needle a comprehensive brush-up. As a result, the Episode Guide for the story has been revised in a small way, and the Story in Depth is now... considerably more in depth! In fact, it has been rewritten from the ground up and goes well beyond the reconstruction script which we previously presented.

Sunday 17th March 2013 –
Even More Little Wonders...
Further dogged research from Denis has unearthed a few more VHS covers for our Little Wonders section. The page to benefit from his endeavours today is that for the French VHS releases.

Saturday 16th March 2013 –
More Little Wonders...
Denis has again worked wonders and has tracked down covers for the Little Wonders section, meaning that both the USA DVD and Netherlands DVD sections are now in much better shape. Thanks Denis!

Thursday 14th March 2013 –
Little Wonders...
Thanks to Denis Kirsanov for sending three images of Italian VHS covers which now means we have scans of all covers in that section (not that some couldn't do with improving!). There is also a new DVD edition of The New Avengers coming to Australia, and this has been added to the page for Australian DVDs

Thursday 28th February 2013 –
The Series 1 Phials + Episode Screening + Radio Series Downloads...
I hope you'll excuse the awful pun in the title of today's update, but I've heavily revised the expanded synopsis and episode guide pages for The Deadly Air. I hope readers will forgive me a little self-indulgence for inventing small snatches of dialogue to make the synopsis more engaging. As with the other expanded synopses, it necessarily includes much supposition and joining of dots based on surviving resources. Episode Screening... You may be interested to know that Elstree Screen Heritage is hosting a series of screenings of films and television series filmed in Elstree and Borehamwood. The Avengers episode being shown on the big screen on Thursday 18th April 2013 is Something Nasty in the Nursery, and the superb Checkmate episode of The Prisoner is on the same bill. Click the pictures above for further details. Radio Series Downloads... Thanks to an order for the radio series being received, the downloads service is now extended until 12th March 2013. Please see blue text above for ordering details... Finally... Can I please remind visitors of the importance of picking up a book or two from Hidden Tiger, as by purchasing there, you are supporting The Avengers Declassified directly. Thank you.

Sunday 24th February 2013 –
Something's Cooking... Go Easy on the Oil...
The expanded synopsis and episode guide pages for The Far Distant Dead have been revisited today and heavily revised. The synopsis has been given some intense scrutiny by myself and Richard McGinlay over the last few days and I am pleased to say that we have been able to answer a lot of questions about the episode and tie up a few loose ends that were previously flailing. It may not be exactly what went out on screen, for it necessarily includes much supposition and joining of dots based on surviving resources. Maybe one day, the episode will turn up and you can tell us how wrong we were. That'd be nice!

Saturday 23rd February 2013 –
The Nearly Woman of The Avengers...
A new and rather sad note has been added today about Moira Redmond, who played two roles in The Avengers, Stella in Hot Snow and Zoe Carter in Kill the King. See the Trivia section of the Kill the King Episode Guide for more details. There has also been a new note added about the police chief from The Far Distant Dead.

Wednesday 20th February 2013 –
A Little Extra...
Unlike most other days recently, only a small update today, but a nice one, to add a little extra detail to writer Lewis Davidson's biography in the Production Brief section of the episode guide page for A Change of Bait, with thanks to the splendid Andrew Pixley. Likewise, there is an additional trivia note concerning The Radioactive Man, on the subject of character names of Frane and Inica, which may have confused people until now!

Tuesday 19th February 2013 –
Another One for the Mortuary...
A major update today to One for the Mortuary's Story in Depth which, thanks to the generosity of Tim Trounce (who unearthed the rehearsal script) and to the fine work of Richard McGinlay who has completely rewritten the feature. It's a pleasure to be able to reveal for the first time anywhere since the original transmission the nitty gritty of this early Brian Clemens script.

Monday 18th February 2013 –
I'm A Lumberjack and I'm OK...
Today has been full of Canadian television research for the Emma Peel era, poring over Denis Kirsanov's fine work on the Avengers transmissions there and take it a step or two further in some instances. I feel like I should be an honorary lumberjack or a Mountie for a day, my head is so full of Canada! You'll note that the presentation style has been changed also, with each region having its own page – this has been rolled out across the whole section. Just Australia and Canada requiring sub-pages for now, but there will be more that need this sort of treatment. I hope it makes sense! Finally, my thanks to Joris Royer for putting Denis and myself right on a few points about the French Emma Peel broadcasts, which are now far more accurate as a result!

Sunday 17th February 2013 –
A Matter of Life and Death...
My thanks to Richard McGinlay for casting a fresh eye over the Series 1 episode One for the Mortuary, which now has a much revised Episode Guide page. A similarly updated Story in Depth will follow in the next few days.

Saturday 16th February 2013 –
Blogs, Books and Broadcasts...
First today, an update from Denis to Webscape in Time 2012. The Mrs Peel You're Needed blog that we'd previously thought was closed actually moved to a new address last year and therefore the 2011 and 2012 pages have been revised. Next up, a bit of news about Rodney Marshall's excellent book, Subversive Champagne, which in response to feedback from purchasers has now been revised to cover the both Emma Peel series. This book comes highly recommended by The Avengers Declassified. It's not expensive and is well worth picking up (as are the other two books above, I might say!). Finally, after a day off, it's back to the Emma Peel era International Premieres grindstone, with today's visits being to Israel, Jamaica and Malaysia.

Thursday 14th February 2013 –
Unpeeling the International Broadcasts + Radio Series Downloads
These titles get more and more desperate, don't they? This one means that the first of the international premiere updates for the Emma Peel era have been added to the site. To begin with, there are eight countries available: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland and Ireland. It's merci beaucoup to Joris Royer, who has dropped me a line to clarify a couple of things about the French broadcasts of the Cathy Gale episodes, including information about the December 1997 premiere of four episodes and that they were introduced by Honor Blackman. Radio Series Downloads... The good news is that thanks to a purchase today, I've been able to eek out the file life on the servers until February 28th, so the downloads service will continue until then at least. Hopefully a little longer, but this depends upon sales coming in to extend the life of the files. Obviously, the longer the service can be kept open, the less chance there is of people missing out. Thanks to everyone who has supported the downloads so far.

Wednesday 13th February 2013 –
Hello Mrs Peel Goodbye!
Believe it or not, that's the title of what we think might be the only Avengers home video release in Argentina. Tracked down by ace detective Denis Kirsanov!

Tuesday 12th February 2013 –
The Travels of Steed and Cathy
A whole section added today, detailing the International Premieres of Series 2+3 (Cathy Gale). Once again, this would not have been possible without the diligent researches of Denis Kirsanov. I've done a little bit of additional research, but the plaudits should really be his. Please note that USA listings are yet to be fully researched, hence their absence from the pages for the moment. Denis has also supplied two images for Little Wonders – Italian VHS covers, one an improvement, the other entirely new. I am also indebted once again to Brad Byers, who has sent further photographs to round off the UK DVD Partwork page in the same section. Many thanks to Brad and Denis. Also, there's some good news in that I should be able to extend the radio series availability to the end of the month. It's all to do with keeping the downloads from expiring, so every new order extends the availability. So, if you order, you're actually helping to keep the service going that little while longer. Just one order extends the availability by a fortnight. If there aren't any orders in a two week period, that'll finally be it.

Monday 11th February 2013 –
The New Avengers Grab Some Sun
Further work today on The New Avengers' international scene, which sees Steed, Purdey and Gambit visit the sunny climes of Israel, Malta and Portugal before returning nearer to home with a stopver in beautiful Belgium. At 19 countries, this completes the international broadcast history of The New Avengers. For now! Returning to the original Avengers, I've just added an international transmissions page for Argentina pertaining to their broadcast of The Frighteners.

Sunday 10th February 2013 –
International Detectives + Radio Series + Little Wonders
First today, Denis is doing fine work in the Irish press archives. This means we can now present both the information on transmission times for the Irish screenings of The New Avengers, but we can also confirm that the RTΙ transmission there of The Eagle's Nest was the world premiere of The New Avengers. Whether Patrick Macnee, Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt strolled down any red carpets there, we may never know! Anyway, it means that a new Trivia note and a Stop the Press entry have been added for the episode. International transmissions for Colombia, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland have also been added for The New Avengers. Little Wonders – Thanks to Brad Byers for sending images and information that have helped me piece together a brand new Little Wonders page for the aborted UK DVD Partwork from Eaglemoss. I have also added a reference to their website in Webscape in Time 2010. Finally, a little trawl of the Irish press archives this evening brought up a fascinating fact about televisions in Ireland being able to receive ABC North signals from England, which has been added as a trivia note to Hot Snow.

Saturday 9th February 2013 –
The New Avengers in Canada 
I've just spent all day going through the Canadian regional transmissions of The New Avengers – and my head hurts! Had Denis not already performed the greater bulk of the research, I think I would probably still be on this one by Christmas, but I've been pleased to have tracked down a few extra details while putting together the page. But now I'm going to have some dinner and watch the Universal 1931 Dracula – in Spanish. Either I'm cosmopolitan or a masochist! Jamaica and Turkey have also been added today, again for The New Avengers.

Friday 8th February 2013 –
All Roads Lead to Rome, Except the Ones That Lead to Turin 
Denis and I have been researching International transmission dates of The New Avengers as if our lives depended on it. Consequently, we present revised Australian (thanks, Piers!) and French pages and new pages for Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands and Italy, the latter of which has proved a bugger to research, I must say. There are still many questions on the Tele Torino International broadcasts, but I have at least come up with a theory or two. Denis' research in Swiss newspapers regarding the French transmissions have revealed significant inaccuracies in existing guides, with as many as ten episodes having previously been assigned to the wrong transmission days, let alone times. The list we present here and at Steedumbrella is as accurate as we can make it.

Thursday 7th February 2013 –
Going International! 
As if yesterday's update was not enough, there's another new section opening today, or rather sub-sections of the era sections – International Premieres. This is another section that is the result of the hard work of Denis Kirsanov of the Russian site Steedumbrella, with a small amount of input from myself, and which will grow beyond its humble beginning – Keel era International Premieres. Also added in this section, with nods of gratitude to Cedric Mueller and Denis Chauvet is The New Avengers International Premieres – only four countries in that one at the moment, but this will change!

Wednesday 6th February 2013 –
Avengerweb – A Gift to all Avengers fans on Patrick Macnee's 91st Birthday!
Today is the birthday of a remarkable man, without whom The Avengers would be no more than a minor footnote in the history of television and culture. We at The Avengers Declassified pay tribute to Patrick Macnee, who turns 91 today – and in honour of that birthday and the man celebrating it, I am pleased to present the new section that I cryptically referred to about a week ago – the Avengerweb. This new section is the product of an on-going collaboration between myself and my friend Denis Kirsanov of the Russian site Steedumbrella. It is yet another demonstration of the internationality of TheAvengers.TV and also of the power of The Avengers to bring people together regardless of barriers of language, geography, politics – or Iron Curtains! The Avengerweb is our gift for fans of The Avengers, and also for those who appreciate the wonderfully creative fandom that has grown up around the series. It shows how Patrick Macnee and those around him inspired people the world over, many years after the show itself was a thing of the past. Avengerweb is about those fans, all of whom took their love of the programme and shared it via the Internet. The main thrust of the section is to document the development of Avengers websites through time and I hope you'll forgive the title of that particular area, Webscape in Time. Sorry – couldn't resist! The history is presented both in timeline fashion, by year, and as an alphabetical list of sites. Where available, archived snapshots of old sites (and current sites at earlier stages of their development) are included. Avengerweb also presents, for the first time, The Avengers Declassified's recommended Weblinks. So, take a look, have a play – and enjoy a stroll down The Avengers' Internet memory lane!

Tuesday 5th February 2013 –
Naughty Little Wonders! + New Books to Tempt You + Radio Downloads
Thanks to Denis Kirsanov for supplying two further American unlicensed VHS covers – Hollywood Select Video's The Case of Countless Clues [sic] and Showcase Productions' Hidden Tiger [also sic – well, a little...].

New Books... Also, with The New Avengers scriptbooks now sadly deleted, we have further wares with which to tempt you. Firstly, there is Rodney Marshall's terrific Subversive Champagne, which we at The Avengers Declassified recommend highly. It isn't every day that a book comes along that says something new about The Avengers and makes you approach the series from a fresh perspective, but this is one of those books that is both thought provoking and enjoyable. It's written by Rodney Marshall, son of Avengers writer Roger Marshall, and you really should buy it! Secondly, there's Requiem for Sherlock Holmes, a collection of Holmes short stories written by my very talented younger brother, Paul Stuart Hayes. I have published this book myself, having collaborated on the book with Paul for over a year. Sales of this latter title directly helps The Avengers Declassified keep itself afloat, so please buy generously, as they say!

Radio Downloads... A reminder that the downloads service is coming to an end, with availability likely to end mid-late February, dependent upon demand.

Monday 4th February 2013 –
Applying the Polish + New Books to Tempt You + Radio Downloads
Richard McGinlay has now cast his eyes over the remainder of Series 1 and as a result the pages for The Deadly Air, A Change of Bait, Dragonsfield and Dead of Winter have all been tweaked to greater or lesser extents.

Friday 1st February 2013 –
The Strange Case of the German DVD Reissues
Thanks to Denis Kirsanov's tireless researches I have been compelled to check up on the DVD releases in Germany and have discovered that the Emma Peel series were reissued in 2011, so these releases have been added today to Little Wonders.

Thursday 31st January 2013 –
Avengers Radio Downloads Extended... a little
Demand for the radio downloads has been such that I have decided to extend the service by two weeks, just to make sure that everyone who wants the radio serials has a chance to get them before the downloads are terminated. It has been possible to extend the service until February 13th. Details above. In the meantime, I continue to work on a background project which will be added to the site in the next week or so and have also updated the Little Wonders section, with help from Denis. Please see German DVDs and USA DVDs for additional images and information.

Wednesday 30th January 2013 –
Almost Entirely Trivial!
While I am working on a new section for Declassified (keep 'em Peeled!), there's been time to add some new trivia and production entries by Richard McGinlay and myself for the Series 1 episodes Tunnel of Fear and The Far Distant Dead. I have also stumbled across provisional artwork for Kult TV/Contender's first UK DVD release and have added it to Little Wonders

Monday 28th January 2013 –
Little Wondering in the Swuff!
It's funny... when DVD was introduced I couldn't get shot of those horrible VHS tapes quickly enough and yet now I'm all nostalgic for them! Further Little Wondering today, with the French VHS, USA DVD, USA VHS and USA Laserdisc releases finished off (bar the occasional missing image – if you can help out here, please drop me a line) and I've also tracked down a rare unlicensed USA VHS cover for Get-A-Way!. New weblinks – You may also have noticed a series of new links to the right of this notice. The first is to Hidden Tiger books and sales at this site directly supports the running of The Avengers Declassified, so please do pick up a book or two; the second is to the excellent Russian site, Steedumbrella, run by Denis Kirsanov who has contributed much to Declassified (easily translated in Google Chrome or via Google Translate) and lastly, there is a link to The Avengers International Fan Forum, which is simply THE place to discuss the series.

Sunday 27th January 2013 –
Covers Galore!
More work on Little Wonders today, which now includes Region Code, Media and Packaging information for all DVDs plus new pages for the one and only UK Avengers VCD disc and a series of unlicensed French VCDs. I'm also slowly adding individual covers, with bags of help from my Russian friend, Denis Kirsanov of the excellent Steedumbrella. As his site is in Russian (but easily translated with Google), it really doesn't get the credit it is due. Go and have a look – the quality of research is superb.

Saturday 26th January 2013 –
Le Monument!
I've just added a little-known VHS release to Little Wonders – a French VHS Partwork release from EMI France. In fact, the whole of Little Wonders has received a sprucing up today, particularly USA DVD, which has many new images. The 1971 Stage Show also gets a bit of attention today, with two new contemporary reviews added here and here.

Friday 25th January 2013 –
Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir – L'indispensable!
It's the turn of French VHS releases today, so have a gander at the 1990s releases from EMI France and Sony Music Vidιo. Studio Canal French VHS releases coming soon. Thanks again to Denis for his help with this section.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 –
Italian Video Wonders!
Another new page at The Avengers Declassified today, detailing Italian VHS releases. Apologies for the image quality of some of the covers – it's the best we have access to at the moment. If anyone can help improve them, please drop me a line. Thanks to Denis Kirsanov for helping get this page off the ground!

Monday 21st January 2013 –
Don Leaver's Perfect Ten
New today is a biographical note about Don Leaver, who directed a record ten Avengers episodes in one series. Read about him on the Girl on the Trapeze episode guide page (Production Brief) and about his achievement on the corresponding page for Dead of Winter (Trivia).

Saturday 19th January 2013 –
In Depth – Tunnel of Fear
The In Depth synopsis for Tunnel of Fear has been revised today to include additional details and explanatory footnotes.

Friday 18th January 2013 –
There Be Pirates! 
Many thanks to Denis for passing along three covers that were missing from or in a bad way on our USA Unlicensed VHS Little Wonders page: Hollywood Select Video's The Gravediggers, Silent Dust, A Sense of History, The Hidden Tiger and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station.

Thursday 17th January 2013 –
In Depth – Death on the Slipway
The In Depth synopsis for Death on the Slipway has been revised today to include a few additional details and explanatory footnotes. Also, Richard McGinlay has suggested a few additional items for Toy Trap, Tunnel of Fear, The Far Distant Dead, Kill the King and Dragonsfield.

Wednesday 16th January 2013 –
Series 1 – Just When You Thought It Was Done!
Yes, our obsession with all things Series 1 continues unabated today, with new Production Notes added for Dance with Death (Production Brief), The Springers (last Production Brief note and In the Press), The Frighteners (first and last Production Brief notes), The Yellow Needle (fifth Production Brief note), Death on the Slipway (most Production Brief notes), Dragonsfield (fourth Production Brief note) and Dead of Winter (yesterday's Equity update revised).

Tuesday 15th January 2013 –
1961 Equity Strike
I've been doing a spot of research about the 1961 Equity strike and have added a Production Brief note to Dead of Winter. Hot Snow, Crescent Moon and The Radioactive Man have also received some attention.

Monday 14th January 2013 –
The New Avengers – in Finland!
Thanks to Denis Kirsanov for pointing me in the direction of some additional covers for the Little Wonders section, including a marvellous Finnish VHS release of The New Avengers that I'd never heard of before. Denis has also supplied a few of the Pyramid HE UK VHS covers, also of The New Avengers.

Sunday 13th January 2013 –
A Cornucopia of Wonders!
Plenty going on today, starting with Richard McGinlay's additions to the Episode Guide pages for The Yellow Needle, A Change of Bait and Dragonsfield. Also today, the Little Wonders section gets a bit of attention and thanks to the diligent researches of Denis Kirsanov, I have been able to make major in-roads on presenting a complete picture of the USA Unlicensed VHS releases which is now enhanced with 30 new images. Back to Series 1, I've finally laid the 'silenced rifle' blooper in Hot Snow to rest, and an interesting point about Dead of Winter – see 'And Finally...' in both instances.

Saturday 12th January 2013 –
Of Eagles and Gladiators
My sincere thanks to Neil Alsop and Denis Kirsanov for their assistance with HTV Regional Transmissions of The New Avengers. Neil has shed some light on the transmission of The Gladiators and has kindly added some welcome detail about the nature of the HTV television service in the mid-1970s, while Denis has highlighted a transmission breakdown that meant that West Wales viewers didn't get to see The Eagle's Nest until 1981! I have also been able to revise filming completed dates with a little more accuracy than before for The New Avengers Series 2.

Wednesday 9th January 2013 –
We Dig the Dirt!
Taking a brief break from our obsession with Series 1 (yes, I know!), a new episode guide to round of the first series of The New Avengers – Dirtier by the Dozen.

Tuesday 8th January 2013 –
Where's Steed...?
New today, an episode guide page for Girl on the Trapeze, which rounds off our Series 1 coverage (though the tweaks will continue!). I've also reproduced my review of this episode's first screening in 2002, previously published at David K. Smith's The Avengers Forever.

Monday 7th January 2013 –
Credits Where They Are Due...
I've started addressing a long-standing omission at The Avengers Declassified today, by adding Production Credits to the Episode Guide pages. These are now available for the Series 1 episodes and have also been incorporated into all other episode guide pages on the site. I have also added a new Production Brief note for Ashes of Roses.

Sunday 6th January 2013 –
And Another Thing...
Significant Production Brief updates to episode guide pages for Hot Snow, Crescent Moon, Ashes of Roses and Dance with Death, by yours truly.

Saturday 5th January 2013 –
And Some More...
Production Brief and Trivia updates to episode guide pages for The Yellow Needle, The Deadly Air, A Change of Bait and Dead of Winter today, by myself and Richard McGinlay.

Friday 4th January 2013 –
More Brushing-Up...
Small tweaks and updates to episode guide pages for Hot Snow (including an important revision to Bloopers...), The Radioactive Man, Ashes of Roses, Please Don't Feed the Animals, Dance with Death, The Springers, The Yellow Needle. Several of these updates include new production, triva and 'And Finally' notes.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013 –
A Brush-up for the New Year
First of all, I'd like to wish all contributors and visitors to The Avengers Declassified a very Happy New Year. To help counter the 'back to work blues', I'm pleased to say that this site will continue to provide fans of The Avengers with plenty to keep them occupied and fascinated in 2013. To start with, Richard McGinlay and I have brushed up the following Episode Guide pages to include new and revised notes: Square Root of Evil, The Springers, Double Danger (including the revelation of the actor who played Ted Mace!), Toy Trap and Kill the King.

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