Friday 14th December 2012
The Frighteners Steed's Trivial Pursuit
Today, two new 'trivia' entries for The Frighteners, concerning extracts from the episode being used in 1970s film and television.

Tuesday 11th December 2012
We Give You The Real Frighteners
Our Series 1 guide is nearly done, now that Richard McGinlay has turned his attention to The Frighteners, one of the two complete surviving episodes of the 1961 run. As this story is available to buy on DVD, there will be no Story in Depth feature to accompany this piece why read the story when you can watch it, eh?

Friday 23rd November 2012
New Avengers Scriptbooks available
The three scriptbooks above are highly recommended by The Avengers Declassified. All present fascinating insights into Avengers (and New Avengers) stories that were never ultimately made (although The Tale of the Double Cross became The Tale of the Big Why, albeit heavily revised). Tell Me About It? an unmade script written by Philip Broadley is released today after being unseen for nearly 40 years.

Thursday 22nd November 2012
The Missing Bit of the Missing Episode
Thanks to Richard for pointing out that I'd completely missed a couple of paragraphs and a dialogue extract for the Story in Depth Dance with Death when producing my page from his supplied text. So now, you can enjoy his superb research and storytelling in full as it should have been presented in the first place! You can't get the staff, you know!

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Dancing with Death!
Richard McGinlay today rounds off the Avengers missing episodes at Declassified with two exhaustive articles for the episode Episode Guide Dance with Death and Story in Depth Dance with Death. A new Stop the Press item is also added today to Episode Guide Ashes of Roses.

Friday 19th October 2012
Fancy Footwork!
Richard McGinlay has supplied a set of Footnotes for the Story in Depth features for Diamond Cut Diamond and Hunt the Man Down, which explain his thinking in constructing the expanded synopsis.

Tuesday 16th October 2012
Waking Nightmare!
Series 1's best kept secret that's one way to describe the fourth episode, Nightmare, as details on this story have been scarce since the original broadcast. Today, Richard McGinlay uncovers more about this episode than I thought possible. Take a good look at his Episode Guide and a Story in Depth features as they are well worth your time. Again, due to the speculative nature of the synopses, Richard has provided footnotes which reveal the thinking behind The Avengers Declassified's coverage of this episode. Also today, new information has come to light concerning the writer credits for Square Root of Evil and The Radioactive Man. According to production correspondence, the former was written by Richard Harris (as we knew) but was based on a story by script editor John Bryce. Meanwhile, the latter, credited to Fred Edge (the writer of the Canadian television play upon which it was based) was in fact adapted by Patrick Brawn. Our on site credits have been amended to reflect this information and the production notes also make mention of this discovery.

Sunday 14th October 2012
Crescent Moon Rising!
The Series 1 guide takes another step today towards completion, with Richard McGinlay's excellent features on the fifth episode, Crescent Moon, comprising an Episode Guide and a Story in Depth page. Due to the speculative nature of some of the latter, Richard has provided footnotes which reveal the thinking behind The Avengers Declassified's presentation of this synopsis.

Thursday 4th October 2012
John Steed in the Sky with Diamonds!
Richard McGinlay has researched and concocted two new features that have been added to The Avengers Declassified today. Both concern another missing Series 1 episode, namely Max Marquis' Diamond Cut Diamond and comprise an Episode Guide and a Story in Depth feature. With no scripts and just one, solitary photograph surviving from this story, it is one of the least well known Avengers episodes and I'm pleased to say that its content will be that bit clearer from now on thanks to Richard's diligence. Also today, a brief note has been added to the Trivia section of the Hunt the Man Down Episode Guide to draw a parallel to a certain episode of The New Avengers with thanks to Piers Johnson for suggesting the link.

Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Hunt the Story Down!
New today, the latest update in our crusade to shine a light on the mostly-missing first series! This time, it's the turn of Hunt the Man Down, an episode for which no script is known to survive but which boasts an abundant photographic record. Therefore, Richard McGinlay has turned detective and has put together excellent Episode Guide and Story in Depth features that add considerably to the existing knowledge of this missing episode. Thanks to Richard for his continued hard work and dedication.

Sunday 30th September 2012
The Secret's in the Timing
Richard McGinlay has provided a revised third bullet point in the Production Brief section of Please Don't Feed the Animals, pertaining to the running time of the episode. Thanks, Richard.

Friday 28th September 2012
Read All About It!
A new sub-section has been incorporated for the episode guide pages, concerning press coverage. Entitled 'Stop the Press', there are new entries on this subject for the following episode guide pages Hot Snow, Brought to Book and information already on other episode pagess has been re-positioned to under the new heading. Thanks to Richard McGinlay for the Brought to Book entry.

Wednesday 26th September 2012
Please Do Read the Articles!
Our series of Series 1 updates stops off today at an Avengers April Fool's episode (I know, our timing is dreadful!), and you can read about it in Episode Guide Please Don't Feed the Animals, submitted once again by the invaluable Richard McGinlay. Richard has also provided a superb Story in Depth feature for the episode. These represent a fascinating insight into another missing episode and I am most grateful to Richard for all his hard work.

Tuesday 11th September 2012
Dial A Phoney Number
Something that's just come to light is the fact that the telephone number given for Keel's surgery, SLOane 0181, was in fact a fictitious number reserved for use in television, film and radio productions. Further investigation has resulted in new Trivia notes on the subject on the episode guide pages for Hot Snow and Ashes of Roses.

Monday 10th September 2012
Everything's Coming Up Roses!
Things really feel like they're getting back into the swing here at The Avengers Declassified and that's thanks in great part to Richard McGinlay, who has not only put in many hours working on Series 1 scripts, but has also given me cause to blow the cobwebs off the site. Thank you in spades, Richard! On Saturday, I brought you the Episode Guide his latest investigation, into the ninth episode of the series, Ashes of Roses. Today, it's the turn of The Story in Depth for this episode.

Sunday 9th September 2012
A little tweaking today to the Series 1 episode guide pages, with Hot Snow, Brought to Book, Square Root of Evil, The Radioactive Man, One for the Mortuary, The Yellow Needle, Double Danger, Tunnel of Fear, The Far Distant Dead, Kill the King, A Change of Bait and Dead of Winter all receiving a polish. Thanks to Richard for the suggestions, corrections and inspiration, which has led me to include a few updates of my own. The updates to the pages for Square Root of Evil, The Radioactive Man and Tunnel of Fear also contain updated notes about last minute cast changes, with thanks to Denis Kirsanov for the tip!

Saturday 8th September 2012
Everything's Coming Up Roses! (Updated: See Monday 10th September)

Wednesday 5th September 2012
It's Hip to be Square!
Many thanks to Richard McGinlay, who has provided superb episode guide and detailed story breakdown information for the third episode of the first series of The Avengers, Square Root of Evil. Direct links: Episode Guide Square Root of Evil, Story in Depth Square Root of Evil. Also, don't forget about the radio series offer below, which includes two serials previously unreleased and all serials in CD quality for the first time.

Saturday 28th July 2012
Big Day for The Avengers Radio Series!
The radio series restoration project is officially completed as of today, with work on Get-A-Way! and Stop Me If You've Heard This being completed this week. These, along with all other surviving serials are now available for individual download. There is an admin charge of 1.00 per serial (for versions with commercials or without commercials) or 1.50 per serial (for both versions). There are 19 serials available and Escape in Time Version 2 (of which only Episodes 1-3 survive) is free with any order (order two or more serials and get a groovy surprise item sent to you too!). All serials are newly reprocessed from the original WAV files as CD quality MP3s at 44.1KHz/320KBps. Payment is by Paypal Gift please email for details.

Also today, to celebrate the end of this ten year project (!), Ron Geddes and I have got together to bring you additional information (and audio files) concerning The Music from the Radio Series, now including LP versions of some incidental tracks. Cheers for your invaluable help, Ron!

Thanks to Richard McGinlay, the Series 1 Reconstructions Checklist has been tweaked lightly.

Finally today, please note that The Avengers Declassified email address has changed and is now the old address is no longer active.

Friday 27th July 2012
Final Radio Series Restorations Imminent
I'm currently working on the last two Avengers radio serials not to have been restored to date Get-A-Way and Stop Me If You've Heard This. The work on the former is now completed and my attention is now turning to Stop Me If You've Heard This. Both serials should be available on Saturday 28th July please see the update from 6th June for information on how to get hold of these serials.

Tuesday 24th July 2012
Brought to Book Episode Guide + Story in Depth
Many thanks to Richard McGinlay who has put together Episode Guide and Story in Depth pages for Brought to Book. He's done a fine job and hopefully, we can look forward to more of the same. Cheers, Richard! Brilliant work. Brought to Book Episode Guide Brought to Book The Story in Depth

Wednesday 6th June 2012
New Procedure for Radio Serial Downloads
As many visitors may have noticed, the availability of the radio serials from this site has been unreliable of late. In response, I have decided that after nearly ten years of making these freely available via download, to remove them all from the site as direct downloads. Anyone wanting radio serials, including the soon-to-be restored Get-A-Way, should now follow the procedure as noted on the Radio Series Archive page. There will be a small admin charge per serial, payable by Paypal.

Please also note that the Avengers on the Radio website is now no longer updated and any radio series updates will appear here at The Avengers Declassified.

Thursday 31st May 2012
Little Wonders Updated with a Big Wonder!
One of my infrequent updates to the site today, but worth a mention. I've just added the excellent German 50th Anniversary DVD set to Little Wonders Germany. It's well worth getting a genuine treasure, beautifully designed and put together with care. Secondly, it has been brought to my attention that unfortunately Studio Canal UK's replacement disc for Legacy of Death (Disc 5 in the Series 6 set) exhibits the same audio pitch error that affected all Series 5 episodes, despite fixing the visual issue that prompted the replacement. The German version is unaffected, although it must be said that the picture quality of Legacy of Death on the German set isn't as good as on the UK replacement disc. Swings and roundabouts and I would imagine it is far too late to expect another replacement. Not one of the series' best episodes, but a disappointment nonethless.

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