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Tuesday 4th April 2017 - Brian Clemens interview DVD... Thanks to Jeff Smart for letting me know that he has a Brian Clemens DVD interview for sale. Here's the PR:

"Brian Clemens was the power behind such TV series as The Avengers, Thriller and The Professionals, and his contributions to Film and TV across six decades, mark him out as one of the greatest and most respected TV and Film creators the UK has ever produced! His life story is told in this revealing and often witty interview, conducted in 2003 in his writing room at his house in rural Bedfordshire, surrounded by his trusty typewriter and many items from the various productions he has contributed to over the years. This interview was originally intended to feature as part of the DVD extras for a release of one of his TV series, but as the interview is an hour and three quarters long, space considerations meant the interview was never given a commercial release. With the permission of his family estate we present for you the definitive interview with the master of television writing and producing.

See a sample clip at YouTube.

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Brian passed away in 2015, and part of the sale price will be donated to Brian's favourite charity the Salvation Army."

Sunday 2nd April 2017 - Genesis of The Avengers revealed (and published!)... Apologies for the lack of updates to Declassified of late. I've been somewhat sidetracked with other projects, notably in the writing of Dr Brent's Casebook - An Unauthorised Guide to Police Surgeon with Richard McGinlay. The book, which has been in preparation for three years, is finally published today in hardcover and paperback editions, both of which carry 14 beautiful black-and-white illustrations by Shaqui Le Vesconte. Running to an impressive 328 pages, this represents the most exhaustive and authoritative account ever written about the series. While it deals with Police Surgeon on its own merits, it also considers its links to The Avengers and other British television series of the 1960s. There is also one revelation in there that will likely have Avengers fans realising that the creation of The Avengers relied in no small part on the strangest of catalysts!

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Tuesday 24th January 2017 - New 'Tunnel of Fear' Edition of TWO AGAINST THE UNDERWORLD... The recent recovery of a film print of the Series 1 episode Tunnel of Fear has led to a brand new edition of the book I wrote with Richard McGinlay and Alys Hayes, Two Against the Underworld. It now carries a greatly expanded and revised chapter about this thrilling episode along with many other updates, which include some added detail about the life and death of Juno, the Great Dane who featured as Steed's dog Puppy, and significant updates to the chapter that deals with the hunt for the missing episodes. The book is available in hardcover, paperback and as EPUB and Kindle ebooks. We apologise to previous purchasers - we only issue new editions when there are solid reasons for doing so - and therefore we encourage people to wait for price promotions before buying... If you can't wait, the discount code FWD15 will save 15% on print versions.

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