The transmission of The New Avengers in West Germany would, remarkably, not be completed until after its reunification with East Germany in 1990. The initial 1978 transmissions by public service broadcaster ARD were sporadic, with no episodes airing within three weeks of another, and ended a mere six episodes into Series 1. The local Bavarian channel Bayern 3 took up the challenge six years later, showing the remainder of Series 1 with the exception of the Nazi-themed The Eagle's Nest. The full series was finally transmitted in 1991 by TELE 5, a satellite and cable channel. All prints shown featured German language soundtracks.

 The New Avengers Series 1

No. Title Television Transmissions (West Germany / Germany)
47 Cat Amongst the Pigeons (i) Thursday 12th January 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until 23rd February 1978
48 Faces Thursday 23rd Febrary 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until 23rd March 1978
49 To Catch a Rat Thursday 23rd March 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until 20th April 1978
50 Target! Thursday 20th April 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until 1st June 1978
51 House of Cards Thursday 1st June 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until 29th June 1978
52 The Midas Touch Thursday 29th June 1978, 9.45pm (ARD)
Break in transmission
No episode scheduled until 27th July 1978
The Tale of the Big Why (ii) Thursday 27th July 1978 (ARD scheduled but not shown)
Break in transmission
The New Avengers dropped by ARD
no further episodes until 27th February 1984
53 Dirtier by the Dozen (iii) Monday 27th February 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
54 Gnaws Monday 5th March 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
55 The Last of the Cybernauts...?? Monday 12th March 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
56 Sleeper Monday 19th March 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
57 The Tale of the Big Why Monday 26th March 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
58 Three Handed Game Monday 2nd April 1984, 10.45pm (Bayern 3)
Break in transmission
The New Avengers dropped by Bayern 3
no further episodes until 15th September 1991
59 The Eagle's Nest Sunday 15th September 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)

 The New Avengers Series 2

No. Title Television Transmissions (Germany)
60 Hostage Sunday 22nd September 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
61 Dead Men Are Dangerous Sunday 29th September 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
62 Medium Rare Sunday 6th September 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
63 Obsession Sunday 13th October 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
64 Trap Sunday 20th October 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
65 Angels of Death Sunday 27th October 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
66 The Lion and the Unicorn Sunday 3rd November 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
67 K is for Kill Part One:
The Tiger Awakes
Sunday 10th November 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
68 K is for Kill Part Two:
Tiger by the Tail
Sunday 17th November 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
69 Complex Sunday 24th November 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
70 The Gladiators Sunday 1st December 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
71 Emily (iv) Sunday 8th December 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)
72 Forward Base (iv) Sunday 15th December 1991, 7.20pm (TELE 5)

Notes -
All episodes were shown with dubbed German soundtracks.

Transmission times in italics are unconfirmed suppositions.

(i) All prints shown in 1978 were edited heavily by ARD and each episode ran approximately 8 minutes short. Episodes were shown roughly one month apart.

(ii) The Tale of the Big Why was scheduled for Thursday 27th July 1978 by ARD, but no episode was actually transmitted.

(iii) Bayern 3 inherited the German transmission masters of The New Avengers from ARD. Unfortunately this meant that again, all the episodes under-ran by approximately 8 minutes due to excessive editing.

(iv) There is some confusion as to the running order of these last two episodes.

Researched and compiled by Denis Kirsanov of Steedumbrella
and Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

with thanks to Cedric Mueller

Research Sources for German Research (The Avengers / The New Avengers):
Staufener Wochenblatt, SK96 The Avengers, Kabeleins The Avengers,
Kabeleins The New Avengers, The Avengers Forever,
Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone 50th Anniversary Complete Edition DVD Booklet Studio Canal)

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