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By the time that The New Avengers was transmitted in New Zealand, the country's television service had become a national rather than a regional one. Hence, whereas there are four separate regional listings for the Series 4-6 episodes, The New Avengers received a nationwide broadcast on the TV One channel, and the information about these transmissions is presented on this one page.

 The New Avengers Series 1

No. Title Television Transmissions (New Zealand)
84 The Eagle's Nest (i) Wednesday 25th May 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
85 The Midas Touch Wednesday 1st June 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
86 The Last of the Cybernauts...?? Wednesday 8th June 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
87 House of Cards Wednesday 15th June 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
88 Cat Amongst the Pigeons Wednesday 22nd June 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
89 Target! Wednesday 29th June 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
90 To Catch a Rat Wednesday 6th July 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
91 The Tale of the Big Why Wednesday 13th July 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
92 Faces Wednesday 20th July 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
93 Three Handed Game Wednesday 27th July 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
94 Dirtier by the Dozen Wednesday 3rd August 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
95 Sleeper Wednesday 25th May 1977, 8.00pm (TV One)
Break in Transmission
No further episodes shown until Sunday 20th November 1977
96 Gnaws (ii) Sunday 20th November 1977, 1.45am (TV One)

 The New Avengers Series 2

No. Title Television Transmissions (New Zealand)
97 Angels of Death Wednesday 31st May 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
98 Dead Men Are Dangerous Wednesday 7th June 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
99 Medium Rare Wednesday 14th June 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
100 The Lion and the Unicorn Wednesday 21st June 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
101 Obsession Wednesday 28th June 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
102 Complex Wednesday 5th July 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
103 Forward Base Wednesday 12th July 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
104 Trap Wednesday 19th July 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
105 Hostage Wednesday 26th July 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
106 The Gladiators Wednesday 2nd August 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
Break in Transmission
No further episodes shown until Wednesday 16th August 1978
(due to Commonwealth Games coverage on 9th August)
107 K is for Kill Part One:
The Tiger Awakes
Wednesday 16 August 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
108 K is for Kill Part Two:
Tiger by the Tail
Wednesday 23rd August 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)
Break in Transmission
No further episodes shown until Wednesday 6th September 1978
109 Emily Wednesday 6th September 1978, 8.30pm (TV One)

(i) Due to the late switch to colour in New Zealand, which did not occur until 1973, The Eagle's Nest was the first Avengers episode to receive a colour transmission in the country. The colour Emma Peel episodes (Series 5) would be repeated, for the first time in colour, between the broadcast of Series 1 and 2 of The New Avengers (shown from 21st February to 23rd May 1978 on Tuesdays on TV One after 10.00pm).

(ii) The episode Gnaws was aired in an early morning slot as a 'filler' some months after the vast majority of Series 1 of The New Avengers had been transmitted.

Researched and compiled by Jon Preddle of BroaDWcast

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