Israeli Television (IT)

During the years in which The Avengers and The New Avengers were first screened in Israel, there was just the one television station, the state-run Israeli Television. The channel was shared between Israeli Educational Television (which had commenced broadcasts in 1966) and the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (which launched regular public transmssions on 2nd May 1968, the 20th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence). Occasional colour transmissions commenced in the mid-1970s for special events such as the visit of the President of Egypt in 1977 and the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest, with a full colour service finally being introduced from 13th January 1982. The first broadcasts of The Avengers and The New Avengers would have been in monochrome.

It is unclear whether the transmissions we have been able to confirm below were of episodes from Series 1 or 2 of The New Avengers.

 The New Avengers Series 1 and 2

No. Title Television Transmissions (Israel)
19 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 21st October 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
20 Episode Unconfirmed Thursday 1st November 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
21 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 4th November 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
22 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 9th December 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
23 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 16th December 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
24 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 23rd December 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
25 Episode Unconfirmed Sunday 30th December 1979, 10.10pm (IT)
The Eagle's Nest Episode transmissions not yet found
House of Cards
The Midas Touch
The Last of the Cybernauts...??
To Catch a Rat
Cat Amongst the Pigeons
The Tale of the Big Why
Three Handed Game
Dirtier by the Dozen
Dead Men Are Dangerous Episode transmissions not yet found
Medium Rare
Angels of Death
The Lion and the Unicorn
K is for Kill Part One:
The Tiger Awakes
K is for Kill Part Two:
Tiger by the Tail
The Gladiators
Forward Base

Researched and compiled by Denis Kirsanov of Steedumbrella
and Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

Research Sources for Israeli Research (The Avengers / The New Avengers):
Historical Jewish Press

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