Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ)

RTÉ's transmissions of The New Avengers, particularly of Series 1, are recognised as the earliest worldwide transmissions of the series. They predate even the domestic transmissions in Great Britain and when The Eagle's Nest aired on Tuesday 28th September, the Irish press billed it as a "world premiere".

 The New Avengers – Series 1

No. Title Television Transmissions (Republic of Ireland)
136 The Eagle's Nest Tuesday 28th September 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
137 The Midas Touch Tuesday 5th October 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
138 House of Cards Tuesday 12th October 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
139 The Last of the Cybernauts...?? Tuesday 19th October 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
140 To Catch a Rat Tuesday 26th October 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
141 Cat Amongst the Pigeons Tuesday 2nd November 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
142 Target! Tuesday 9th November 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
143 The Tale of the Big Why Tuesday 16th November 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
144 Three Handed Game Tuesday 23rd November 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
145 Faces Tuesday 30th November 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
146 Sleeper Tuesday 7th December 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
147 Gnaws Tuesday 14th December 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
148 Dirtier by the Dozen Tuesday 21st December 1976, 8.00pm (RTÉ)

 The New Avengers – Series 2

No. Title Television Transmissions (Republic of Ireland)
149 Dead Men Are Dangerous Monday 5th September 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
150 Angels of Death Monday 12th September 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
151 Medium Rare Monday 19th September 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
152 The Lion and the Unicorn Monday 26th September 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
153 Obsession Monday 3rd October 1977, 7.45pm (RTÉ)
154 Trap Monday 10th October 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
155 Hostage Monday 17th October 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
156 K is for Kill – Part One:
The Tiger Awakes
Monday 24th October 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
157 K is for Kill – Part Two:
Tiger by the Tail
Monday 31st October 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
158 Complex Monday 7th November 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
159 The Gladiators Monday 14th November 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
160 Forward Base Monday 21st November 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)
161 Emily Monday 28th November 1977, 8.00pm (RTÉ)

Researched and compiled by Denis Kirsanov of Steedumbrella
and Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

Research Sources for Irish Research (The Avengers / The New Avengers):
The Irish Times, Irish Newspaper Archives

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