The Avengers stage play focuses on the machiavellian schemes of one Madam Gerda (Kate O'Mara), a power-crazed, thigh-booted villain resplendent in figure-hugging PVC, who has devised a plot guaranteed to overthrow the governments of the world. She plans to do this by using the Giant Computer Brain or George, for short that she has conveniently at her disposal. The machine can render human subjects invisible and brainwash enemies, if Gerda commands it and the sinister villain intends to achieve her dastardly aims by rendering her thirty sexy, leather-clad female gang members invisible, whereupon they can infiltrate the spy networks of world powers.

John Steed (Simon Oates), the top British secret agent, and Hannah Wild (Sue Lloyd), his intelligent and frustratingly hard-to-get partner are tasked with outwitting the diabolical mastermind. Steed seems to have a natural advantage in that he can see the invisible henchwomen, when no-one else can. Unfortunately, Steed discovers that this is not as much of an advantage as he had previously thought, as his boss at MI5, Mother (John S. Landry), suspects that his star agent has suddenly gone round the twist and promptly sends his to a psychiatrist at the local hospital for tests!

Steed is having none of this, however, and quickly escapes, only to find that Madam Gerda has compromised the world's spy networks. Her plan is working out perfectly, much to Steed's chagrin. He resolves to stop her, nonetheless, but this proves an easier thing to say than it is to do. In his attempts to thwart her plans, Steed is tied to the Giant Computer Brain and tortured, and is stripped of his rank and licence. He retains his British sense of humour and stiff upper lip throughout, however. Anything else would be unthinkable.

Finally, Steed convinces Mother of his sanity and manages to bring Madam Gerda's outrageous scheme to an end, saving Britain and the grateful governments of the world.

Alan Hayes

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