1971 Stage Production


 Performances Birmingham

Birmingham Theatre (now Birmingham Hippodrome), Hurst Street,
Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 4TB Great Britain:

Thursday 15th July Saturday 24th July 1971

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7.30pm;
Wednesday and Saturday at 5.00pm and 8.00pm

Admission Prices:
Boxes 2.25, 3.00; Stalls 0.50, 0.65, 0.75; Circle 0.30, 0.45, 0.65, 0.75


 Performances London

Prince of Wales Theatre, 31 Coventry Street, London W1D 6AS, Great Britain:
Monday 2nd August 1971 for approximately three weeks
the subsequent production, Big Bad Mouse, started Tuesday 14th September 1971.

Monday to Thursday at 8.00pm;
Friday and Saturday at 6.00pm and 8.50pm.

Admission Prices:
0.50, 0.90, 1.40, 1.80


 Principal Cast

John Steed
Hannah Wild
Madam Gerda
(an MI5 Agent)
Walters (The Minister for Internal Security)

Simon Oates
Sue Lloyd
Kate O'Mara
Jeremy Lloyd
Anthony Sharp

 Supporting Players

Steed's Ladies
(Steed's New Butler)

MI5 Staff
(Chief of MI5)
Miss Lacey
(Mother's Secretary)
(MI5 Agent)
Chummers (MI5 Agent)
Maitland (MI5 Agent)

Gerda's Gang
(Gerda's Bodyguard)

The Military
Air Marshall Striker
General Bull
Admiral Drake
Military Police Sergeant
Military Policeman


Fantasy Characters
A Fantasy Maid
A Fantasy Sadist
A Fantasy Masochist
A Fantasy Cricketer

Julie Neubert
Wendy Hall

John F. Landry
Mary Llewellin
Kenton Moore
Paul McDowell
John F. Landry

Lisa Collings
Gail Grainger
Gypsie Kemp
Joanna Ross
Kubi Chaza
Helen Gill
Heather Kydd
Kenton Moore

Derek Tansley
John F. Landry
Tim Buckland
Tim Buckland
Paul McDowell

Derek Tansley
Gail Grainger

Gail Grainger
Gypsie Kemp
Joanna Ross
Kubi Chaza

and various dignitaries and wives,
guards, secretaries, passers-by, etc
(played by members of the cast)


 Production Credits

Script: Terence Feely and Brian Clemens
Set Designer: Michael Young
Lighting: Nick Chelton
Sound: Anthony Horder
Sound and Lighting Equipment by Theatre Projects Ltd.
Fight Sequences arranged by Tim Condren
Stage Manager: Peter Charles

Scenery and Props:
Scenery built by Victor Mara Ltd.
Helicopter by Hall Stage Equipment Ltd.
Bentley by Holywell Displays
Hatstand Model by Rootstein
Typewriter by British Olivetti Ltd.
Hamlet Cigars by Benson & Hedges Ltd.
Cigarettes by Dunhills (Birmingham) and Rothmans (London)
Lighters by Ronson
Champagne by Moet & Chandon
Furniture by Mooredan Ltd., Old Times Furnishing Co. Ltd., J.C. Farley and The Trading Post

Mr Oates' Suits by Benson, Perry and Whitley
Miss Lloyd's Costumes designed by Berkeley Sutcliffe
and made by Atomage Ltd.
All Other Costumes designed by Ronald Cobb
and made by Atomage Ltd., Isolyn Ltd. and Brian Reed
Wigs by Wig Creations
Frogman Suit by Breakaway at Simpsons (Piccadilly) Ltd.
Uniforms by Bermans Ltd.
Tights by Berkshire International
Boots by Sacha (International) Ltd.
Girls' Hairstyles by Bruno of Birmingham (Birmingham) and Vidal Sassoon (London)

Film Sequences:
Directed by Don Sheldrop
Produced by R.L.S. Productions Ltd

Foyer Photographs by Tom Hustler of Mayfair
Poster/Flier Design (London Dates):
Russell/James Associates
Technical Advice
by Xirot Productions
John C. Mather
Director: Leslie Phillips

Presented by:
The John Mather Organisation by arrangement with Bernard Delfont


 For The John Mather Organisation Ltd.:

Production Manager: John Rothenberg
Manager and Stage Manager: Peter Charles
Deputy Stage Manager: Bill Clancy
Assistant Stage Managers: Tom Dolby and Myles McMahon
Sound Controller: Cordelia Mansall
Wardrobe Master (Birmingham): John Bowen
Wardrobe Mistress (London): Kay Gilbert
Master Carpenter (Birmingham): John Jones
Publicity Representatives: Fred Hift Associates, The Carlton Theatre, Haymarket, London SW1


 For The Birmingham Theatre:

Proprietors: Moss Empires Ltd
Chairman: Prince Littler C.B.E.
Managing Director: Louis Benjamin
Resident Musical Director: Gwyn Davies
Manager and Licensee: Wilfred May
House Manager: Barry Hopson


 For The Prince of Wales Theatre:

Licensed by the Greater London Council to Bernard Delfont
Lessees: Prime Presentations Ltd.
General Manager: Brent Maxfield
Box Office Manager: Ken Limbrey
Master Carpenter: Tom Povey
Chief Engineer: George Fleck
Property Master: Jimmy Hinchcliffe

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