Steed is framed by Emma. Emma breaks through his defences.

7 x 15-minute episodes
based on the television episode
Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (1968),
written by Jeremy Burnham

Principal Cast:
Donald Monat as John Steed
Diane Appleby as Emma Peel
Hugh Rouse as The Narrator

Adapted and directed by Dennis Folbigge
Produced by David Gooden

Transmission on Springbok Radio (7.15-7.30pm):
Date and transmission nights unknown.

Pay Attention!
Could you recognise the man again?


While carrying out orders to infiltrate a top-security defence site, Emma is identified as working with an enemy agent. It's an elaborate frame-up, of course, but by the time she can prove it, the damage is already done. Were it not for Steed and his lip-reader, it would be raining missiles any minute.


This Avengers story was transmitted on Springbok Radio and sadly no recording of it is known to exist today.

No details are known about this serial, the production of which has been confirmed from an annotated television script of the episode, which confirms the number of episodes and the title change for radio.

Alan Hayes

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