Article Text: HARK AT STEED. South Africa won't be getting TV for another three years, but The Avengers are already going great guns there on radio! The adventures of Emma Peel and John Steed provide a nightly cliff-hanging situation on Springbok Radio.

Playing Emma is English actress Dianne (sic) Appleby, 29, who went to Johannesburg three years ago with a twenty-week touring stage play and stayed. Dianne, from Brighton, was in British TV productions like Emergency Ward 10 and the BBC's First Lady series. But never The Avengers.

Donald Monat plays Steed. Johannesburg freelance radio producer David Gooden dreamed up the idea of the radio Avengers. He saw the series in Britain and bought the rights.

The TV scripts provide the basis for the serials, "but we use a narrator to provide that tongue-in-cheek approach of The Avengers."

Also of interest in this article: One forward-looking hotel chain has found a way to "jump the gun" in South Africa. They've provided close-circuit TV in their hotels and are showing a number of British programmes.

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