Paul Wright was one of the sound engineers working at Sonovision Studios in the 1970s. He worked on many, many programmes, including several Avengers serials. He was born and educated in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and began his career as a trainee sound engineer in 1962 at the government educational television studios in Salisbury.

Paul then moved to Johannesburg and joined the Commercial Radio Corporation, recording drama and radio spots for Springbok Radio. He scripted and presented Sterns Hitmakers during this time and enjoyed working as a commercials voiceover artiste. 

Moving to Sonovision as a sound controller, Paul entertained musical aspirations, and these led to him being coerced into recording his own 7" single. This was produced by the legendary music writer-producer, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, with whom Paul worked in studio on many occasions. (Among many international hits, Lange was writer of such songs as When the Going Gets Tough.) Despite having a decent singing voice, Paul realised that his strengths - and the best financial opportunities - were in music engineering. With this in mind, he moved from Sonovision, first to Gallo and then EMI Studios. 

In 1976, he joined the JWT advertising agency to manage their in-house multimedia department at the beginning of television in South Africa and produced numerous multi-screen corporate launch slide shows with Barry Goldman Studios. Six months touring with the Nicky Nacky Noo Show then provided invaluable experience in theatre production and stage management.

Paul formed SP Studios in late 1991 with producer and video editor Sheila McCallister, and provides post-production services for radio, broadcast television and corporate productions.

by Paul Wright and Alan Hayes


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