Michael was born in England, grew up on the Isle of Wight and came to South Africa after a stint of acting in Kenya. He joined the staff of the SABC and rapidly became one of Springbok Radio's leading writer-producers, creating many outstanding radio series such as The Searchers, Personal Column, Wheels, Beyond Midnight, Suspense and SF68 - which, like The Avengers, has become very popular with collectors of OTR recordings around the world. As an actor, he starred in The Trouble With George and played frequently in many other Springbok Radio series.

Soon, Michael also became one of South Africa's leading stage actors with outstanding performances in Butley and The Dresser. His role as Norman in the latter garnered him a Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation DALRO Award in 1983. He was also awarded a national Vita Award in 1992 for his roles as Davies in The Caretaker, and as Phil Hogan in A Moon for the Misbegotten.

He made his first film appearance starring in Fraud! (1974), which was produced and directed by his Springbok Radio colleague Donald Monat, and then went on to play in many other movies made in South Africa including Burndown (1990, with Hugh Rouse), Sweet Murder (1990) and Warhead (1996). He also made many appearances for South African television, including a memorable Macbeth.

Recently, he wrote and directed a 4-hour historical audio feature about the Boer War which was produced by Anthony Fridjhon for release as a CD set. He is married to fellow Avengers guest player Gillian Garlick.

by Donald Monat


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