Gillian Garlick is a South African actress who studied at the University of Cape Town. She spent four years with the Cape Performing Arts Board before moving to Johannesburg in 1970. There she featured in productions of the Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal (PACT) and Pieter Toerien. During her long career, she has been nominated for several awards and won the Three Leaf Arts Award for Best Supporting Role for her portrayal of Alais Capet in The Lion in Winter (1968).

She is married to fellow Avengers guest player Michael McCabe whom she met when they worked together on the PACT production of Simon Gray's Butley in 1977. 

In common with her contemporaries, Gillian appeared in many Springbok Radio programmes and has continued to act in South African feature film productions, including Oh Brother..! (1974), Funeral for an Assassin (1974, playing Nurse Susan Schoenfeld) and Circles in a Forest (1989).

More recently, she has featured in TV movies including the acclaimed If This Be Treason (1998), which was based on the book by Helen Joseph, detailing her treason trial - one of the longest in South Africa's history - and how she became the first woman to be put under house arrest in South Africa; Gillian took the central role. She has also featured in The Little Unicorn (2002) and the television series, Scout's Safari.

Apart from acting she teaches speech and drama to children.


by Alan Hayes


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