Adrian Egan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the son of popular show business parents. He began his own acting career early, making his debut at the age of eight in radio drama. He quickly gained much invaluable experience, appearing extensively on radio in many series including Marriage Lines, directed by Donald Monat, and in the theatre, becoming a well-known actor in his home country before emigrating to England.

Re-establishing his career in London, he joined the BBC Radio Drama Company and played a wide variety of roles, both on the national British networks and internationally on the BBC's World Drama Service. His work in England embraced the various media, from theatre to TV voiceovers, etc, and included "live" announcing on BBC Television. 

In 1990, he moved to Canada and made his home in Toronto, where he has successfully continued his career, appearing on stage, radio and television. Voice work has been plentiful for Adrian during his time in Canada, with extensive work on television, in animation series, commercials and documentaries, and on the radio.

by Adrian Egan


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