Malaysia 10 (Johor Bahru)

 The Avengers Series 4

No. Title Television Transmissions (Malaysia)


30 The Murder Market Sunday 10th September 1967, 9.22pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
31 Death at Bargain Prices Sunday 17th September 1967, 9.22pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
32 What the Butler Saw Sunday 24th September 1967, 9.24pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
33 A Surfeit of H2O Sunday 1st October 1967, 9.45pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
34 Small Game for Big Hunters Tuesday 3rd October 1967, 10.35pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
35 The Girl from Auntie Tuesday 10th October 1967, 10.52pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
36 The Danger Makers Tuesday 17th October 1967, 10.45pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
37 The House That Jack Built Tuesday 24th October 1967, 10.30pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
38 A Sense of History Tuesday 31st October 1967, 10.55pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
39 Episode Unconfirmed Tuesday 7th November 1967, 10.55pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
40 Episode Unconfirmed Tuesday 14th November 1967, 11.15pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
41 The Gravediggers Tuesday 21st November 1967, 10.55pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
42 Room Without A View Tuesday 28th November 1967, 10.50pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
43 Silent Dust Tuesday 5th December 1967, 10.55pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until Tuesday 19th December 1967
44 Too Many Christmas Trees Tuesday 19th December 1967, 6.13pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
45 The Cybernauts Tuesday 26th December 1967, 10.50pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
46 Two's a Crowd Tuesday 2nd January 1968, 10.15pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
47 Man-Eater of Surrey Green Tuesday 9th January 1968, 10.35pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
48 Quick-Quick Slow Death Tuesday 16th January 1968, 10.55pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
49 The Thirteenth Hole Tuesday 23rd January 1968, 11.00pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
50 The Hour That Never Was Tuesday 30th January 1968, 10.35pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
51 Dial a Deadly Number Tuesday 6th February 1968, 11.00pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
52 How to Succeed... at Murder Tuesday 13th February 1968, 11.00pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
Break in transmission
No further episodes shown until Tuesday 5th March 1968
53 Castle De'ath Tuesday 5th March 1968, 10.40pm (Channel Unconfirmed)
The Master Minds Episode transmissions not yet found
The Town of No Return
A Touch of Brimstone
Honey for the Prince

 The Avengers Series 5

No. Title Television Transmissions (Malaysia)


54 The See-Through Man Tuesday 20th February 1968, 11.00pm (Channel unconfirmed)
55 The Winged Avenger Tuesday 27th February 1968, 11.00pm (Channel unconfirmed)
Break in transmission
No further first run episodes shown until Saturday 6th June 1970
56 Episode Unconfirmed Saturday 6th June 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
57 Episode Unconfirmed Saturday 13th June 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
58 Return of the Cybernauts Saturday 20th June 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
59 Dead Man's Treasure Saturday 27th June 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
60 The 50,000 Breakfast Saturday 4th July 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
61 Murdersville Saturday 11th July 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
62 Mission... Highly Improbable Saturday 18th July 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
63 Episode Unconfirmed Saturday 25th July 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
64 The Bird Who Knew Too Much Saturday 1st August 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
65 The Superlative Seven Saturday 8th August 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
66 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station Saturday 15th August 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
67 The Fear Merchants Saturday 22nd August 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
68 From Venus with Love Saturday 29th August 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
69 The Living Dead Saturday 5th September 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
70 The Hidden Tiger Saturday 12th September 1970, 8.11pm (Malaysia 10)
71 Never, Never Say Die Saturday 19th September 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
72 Epic Saturday 26th September 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
73 The Joker Saturday 3rd October 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
74 The Positive Negative Man Saturday 10th October 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
75 You Have Just Been Murdered Saturday 17th October 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
76 Episode Unconfirmed Saturday 24th October 1970, 8.12pm (Malaysia 10)
77 Episode Unconfirmed Saturday 31st October 1970, 8.13pm (Malaysia 10)
Escape in Time Episode transmissions not yet found
The Correct Way to Kill
Something Nasty in the Nursery
Who's Who ???
Death's Door

Researched and compiled by Denis Kirsanov of Steedumbrella
and Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

Research Sources for Malaysian Research (The Avengers / The New Avengers):
Newspapers at National Library of Singapore

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