Rkistvarpi (RV)

 The Avengers Series 5

No. Title Television Transmissions (Iceland)


1 The Fear Merchants Friday 14th August 1970, 9.10pm (RV)
2 The See-Through Man Friday 21st August 1970, 9.10pm (RV)
3 The Winged Avenger Friday 28th August 1970, 9.20pm (RV)
4 The Hidden Tiger Friday 4th September 1970, 9.15pm (RV)
5 Never, Never Say Die Friday 11th September 1970, 9.00pm (RV)
6 Escape in Time Friday 18th September 1970, 9.15pm (RV)
7 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station Friday 25th September 1970, 9.20pm (RV)
8 Something Nasty in the Nursery Friday 2nd October 1970, 8.50pm (RV)
9 Return of the Cybernauts Friday 9th October 1970, 9.05pm (RV)
10 Episode Unconfirmed Friday 16th October 1970, 9.15pm (RV)
11 Who's Who ??? Friday 23rd October 1970, 9.10pm (RV)
12 Dead Man's Treasure Friday 30th October 1970, 9.25pm (RV)
From Venus with Love Episode transmissions not yet found
The Bird Who Knew Too Much
The Joker
The Correct Way to Kill
The Superlative Seven
The 50,000 Breakfast
You Have Just Been Murdered
The Living Dead
Death's Door
The Positive Negative Man
Mission... Highly Improbable

Researched and compiled by Denis Kirsanov of Steedumbrella
and Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

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