Steed visits the barber...
Emma has a close shave!

Production Number: E.66.6.2


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The Avengers: Series 5, Episode 2
Production Completed:
Oct 1966
Recording Format: 35mm Colour Film
Archive Holding: 35mm Colour Film


ABC Midlands: Sat 28 Jan 1967, 9.10pm
ABC North: Sat 28 Jan 1967, 9.10pm
Anglia: Fri 27 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
Border: Sun 29 Jan 1967, 8.10pm
Channel: Fri 27 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
Grampian: Wed 13 Dec 1967, 8.00pm
Rediffusion London: Fri 27 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
Scottish: Sat 28 Jan 1967, 9.10pm
Southern: Mon 23 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
Teledu Cymru: Wed 25 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
TWW: Wed 25 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
Tyne Tees: Sat 28 Jan 1967, 9.10pm
Ulster: Thu 14 Dec 1967, 7.30pm
Westward: Fri 27 Jan 1967, 8.00pm
AUSTRALIA: Mon 10 Apr 1967
AUSTRIA: Mon 18 Mar 1968
BELGIUM: Transmission unconfirmed
CANADA: Tue 7 Feb 1967
FRANCE: Tue 23 Jul 1968
GERMANY: Tue 26 Sep 1967
GREECE: Transmission unconfirmed
Fri 18 Sep 1970
Transmission unconfirmed
ITALY: Fri 5 Jul 1974
JAMAICA: Transmission nconfirmed
JAPAN: 1971
MALTA: Sat 3 Feb 1968
MEXICO: Transmission unconfirmed
Tue 28 May 1968
PORTUGAL: Transmission nconfirmed
SINGAPORE: Sun 21 Jan 1968
SPAIN: Mon 9 Oct 1967
SWITZERLAND: Mon 8 Jul 1968
TURKEY: Transmission unconfirmed
UNITED KINGDOM: Mon 23 Jan 1967
USA: Fri 10 Feb 1967
John Steed
Emma Peel
Vesta / Doxie
Tubby Vincent
Colonel Josino
Clyde Paxton
Philanderer / Redcoat
Patrick Macnee
Diana Rigg
Peter Bowles
Geoffrey Bayldon
Judy Parfitt
Imogen Hassall
Edward Caddick
Nicholas Smith
Roger Booth
Richard Montez
Clifford Earl
Rocky Taylor
Joe Dunne
Terry Plummer

Selections from the incidental score for this episode have been issued on The Music of Laurie Johnson: The Avengers, Edsel Records, 2007.


StudioCanal, UK: Episode Trims Dialogue Sheet PDF Granada Plus Points Image Gallery.


Writer Philip Levene
Series Theme & Music
Laurie Johnson
Production Designer
Wilfred Shingleton
Director of Photography
Wilkie Cooper
Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens
Executive Producer
Julian Wintle
John Krish
Tag Scene Director - Roy Rossotti

Music Editor Karen Heward
Supervising Editor Peter Tanner
Editor Tony Palk
Recording Director A.W. Lumkin
Sound Recordist Simon Kaye
Dubbing Mixer Len Shilton
Sound Editor Jack T. Knight
Casting Director G.B. Walker
Production Manager Ted Lloyd
Construction Manager Charles Hammerton
Supervisory Electrician Walter 'Wally' Thompson

Mr Macnee's Costume Design Pierre Cardin
Miss Rigg's Costume Design Alun Hughes
Stunt Arranger Ray Austin
Assistant Director Richard Dalton
Camera Operator Frank Drake
Art Director Fred Carter
Set Dresser Ted Tester
Continuity Gladys Goldsmith
Hairdressing Bill Griffiths
Make-up Jim Hydes
Wardrobe Hilda Geerdts

Made at Pinewood Studios, Associated British Elstree Studios and on location

An ABC Television Films Ltd Production


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  • Teaser... The camera pans from a Grand Hunt Ball invitation card to Emma's silver shoe which rests on a red stool. Emma enters and takes a sip of Champage. a drink and puts on the shoe. She picks up the invitation card, which is addressed to her by name. Steed appears and flips the card to show the reverse side. It reads 'We're Needed'.

  • Tag... Emma enters her apartment to find a series of chalk arrows on her floor. They point to Steed who is sitting waiting.  Steed sitting in a chair. He explains the arrows signify an escape route. He is taking her to a party and has a taxi waiting outside. When he has trouble starting the vintage vehicle, he goes round the back to investigate. Meanwhile, Emma solves the problem. The car starts with a bang and Steed is smothered in soot. He gets in the back of the vehicle and Emma drives off through the gatehouse.

  • Production Brief... In common with the previous episode, The Fear Merchants, the greater majority of interior filming for Escape in Time was relocated to Pinewood Studios as stages at the show's Elstree base were fully booked with feature film and other television productions. The Avengers was able to return to Elstree from mid-October 1966 and as a result a small number of interior scenes for both episodes were filmed there. Exteriors filmed on location were unaffected and remained in the customary Hertfordshire area today dubbed Avengerland.

  • This episode was adapted for South African radio, not once but twice see here. The second adaptation included the character of Mother, introduced in the episode The Forget-Me-Knot.

  • On Location... The first Avengers location seen in glorious colour is the impressive Wembley Stadium, home of the England football team who had been triumphant in the 1966 FIFA World Cup mere months before filming. Construction on the stadium, originally called the Empire Stadium, was completed in time for the 1923 FA Cup Final between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United, but the official opening by King George V was delayed until 23rd April 1924, just five days short of a year later. The current stadium is a new construction, opened in 2007, some five years after the demolition of the original. Sadly, the two distinctive towers that formed a part of the old Wembley Stadium and were recognised the world over were not preserved in the new design.

  • Quite, Quite Eccentric... Waldo Thyssen, a multi-faceted, multi-faced plotter whose machinations transcend the present day and spiral back into the distant past.

  • Trivia... Emma proclaims that mankind has "got to the moon". In actual fact, the first manned landing on the moon did not occur until approximately eighteen months after From Venus With Love's transmission a case of the team future-proofing their product, perhaps? Alternatively, it could be a sign that a conscious decision had been made to set The Avengers a couple of years ahead of the time in which it was made.

  • In the Archives... A series of silent colour 35mm 'trims' from this episode were recently unearthed by the British television preservation society, Kaleidoscope. These comprise alternate takes of scenes from the episode.

  • And Finally... The science of this episode is a little at odds with reality with regard to the behaviour of laser beams. Contrary to the evidence of From Venus With Love, lasers are silent but somehow the fictional depiction is a lot more dramatic!

Plotline by Alan Hayes UK Transmissions by Simon Coward, Alan Hayes and John Tomlinson
International Premieres by Denis Kirsanov Ministry Verdict by Alan Hayes
Declassified by Gareth Humphreys and Alan Hayes


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