The Avengers Series 6

Harlech operated across the old TWW and Teledu Cymru regions. Its service to these areas was more integrated than previously and regional variations (normally to screen programmes in Welsh in North Wales) normally amounted to a couple of hours a day. Since these variations never affected the transmission of The Avengers across the Harlech area, we have decided, for the sake of simplicity, to present the one page of information, which is accurate for both parts of the broadcasting area.

No. Title Harlech Television Transmissions (UK)
129 The Forget-Me-Knot Thursday 26th September 1968, 7.00pm
130 Game Thursday 3rd October 1968, 7.00pm
131 Super Secret Cypher Snatch Thursday 10th October 1968, 7.00pm
132 You'll Catch Your Death Thursday 17th October 1968, 7.00pm
133 Split! Thursday 24th October 1968, 7.00pm
134 Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? Thursday 31st October 1968, 7.00pm
135 False Witness Thursday 7th November 1968, 7.00pm
136 All Done With Mirrors Thursday 14th November 1968, 7.00pm
137 Legacy of Death Thursday 21st November 1968, 7.00pm
138 Noon Doomsday Thursday 28th November 1968, 7.00pm
139 Look (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers... Thursday 5th December 1968, 7.00pm
140 Have Guns Will Haggle Thursday 12th December 1968, 7.00pm
141 They Keep Killing Steed Thursday 19th December 1968, 7.00pm
Break in transmission
No episode on Thursday 26th December 1968
142 The Interrogators Thursday 2nd January 1969, 7.00pm
143 The Morning After (i) Friday 10th January 1969, 7.30pm
144 Invasion of the Earthmen Friday 17th January 1969, 7.30pm
145 Get-A-Way! (ii) Friday 24th January 1969, 7.30pm
146 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues Friday 31st January 1969, 7.30pm
147 Wish You Were Here Friday 7th February 1969, 7.30pm
148 Love All Friday 14th February 1969, 7.30pm
149 Stay Tuned Friday 21st February 1969, 7.30pm
150 Take Me To Your Leader Friday 28th February 1969, 7.30pm
151 Fog Friday 7th March 1969, 8.00pm
152 Who Was That Man I Saw You With? Friday 14th March 1969, 8.00pm
153 Homicide and Old Lace Friday 21st March 1969, 8.00pm
154 Thingumajig Friday 28th March 1969, 8.00pm
155 Pandora Friday 4th April 1969, 8.00pm
156 Requiem Friday 11th April 1969, 8.00pm
157 Take-Over Friday 18th April 1969, 8.00pm
158 Killer Friday 2nd May 1969, 8.00pm
159 My Wildest Dream Sunday 4th May 1969, 10.20pm
160 The Rotters Sunday 11th May 1969, 10.20pm
161 Bizarre (iii) Monday 2nd June 1969, 10.30pm

(i) This episode was shown in place of The Rotters, which was billed in TV Times magazine. Newspaper listings confirm this substitution. The Rotters was later rescheduled in the Harlech region on 25th April 1969 at 8.00pm, but it was again pre-empted. The episode finally aired on Harlech Television on Sunday 11th May 1969 at 10.20pm.

(ii) The episode Killer was scheduled for this date but was pre-empted, with Get-A-Way! shown in its place. Killer was finally broadcast in the Harlech region on 2nd May 1969.

(iii) Viewers tuning in to see Bizarre on Friday 30th May 1969 at 9.00pm (as advertised in TV Times) were informed that the episode would not be screened after all and would instead be transmitted on Monday 2nd June 1969 at 10.30pm. The reason for this last minute change are unclear.

Researched and compiled by Simon Coward, Alan Hayes and John Tomlinson
With thanks to Neil Alsop

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