Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Second German Television), usually shortened to ZDF, is a German public service TV broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. It is run as an independent non-profit institution, which was founded in 1961 by all federal states of Germany (Bundesländer). ZDF is financed by television licence fees and advertising revenues.

Sat.1 was the first privately owned television broadcasting station in Germany, having started in January 1984, one day before RTL. It opened as PKS (Programmgesellschaft für Kabel- und Satellitenrundfunk), initially a joint venture of various publishing houses, and was renamed to Sat.1 in January 1985.

 The Avengers – Series 6

No. Title Television Transmissions (West Germany)
37 The Forget-Me-Knot Tuesday 11th August 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
38 All Done With Mirrors Tuesday 25th August 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
39 Super Secret Cypher Snatch Tuesday 8th September 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
40 Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? Tuesday 22nd September 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
41 Fog Tuesday 6th October 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
42 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues Tuesday 20th October 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
43 Love All Tuesday 3rd November 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
44 Game Tuesday 17th November 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
45 Noon Doomsday Tuesday 1st December 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
46 Homicide and Old Lace Tuesday 15th December 1970, 9.00pm (ZDF)
Break in Transmission
No further Series 6 episodes broadcast until Tuesday 29th June 1993
78 Invasion of the Earthmen (i) Tuesday 29th June 1993, 3.45pm (SAT.1)
Break in Transmission
No further Series 6 episodes broadcast until Saturday 24th April 1999
87 Split! (ii) (iii) Saturday 24th April 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
88 Get-A-Way! Saturday 8th May 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
89 Have Guns – Will Haggle Saturday 15th May 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
90 Look – (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers... Saturday 22nd May 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
91 You'll Catch Your Death Saturday 12th June 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
92 Legacy of Death Saturday 26th June 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
93 They Keep Killing Steed Saturday 3rd July 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
94 False Witness Saturday 10th July 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
95 Wish You Were Here Saturday 17th July 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
96 The Rotters Saturday 7th August 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
97 Killer Saturday 14th August 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
98 My Wildest Dream Saturday 21st August 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
99 The Interrogators Saturday 28th August 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
100 The Morning After Saturday 4th September 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
101 Take Me To Your Leader Saturday 18th September 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
102 Stay Tuned Saturday 2nd October 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
103 Who Was That Man I Saw You With? Saturday 9th October 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
104 Pandora Saturday 16th October 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
105 Thingumajig Saturday 30th October 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
106 Requiem Saturday 6th November 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
107 Take-Over Saturday 13th November 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)
108 Bizarre Saturday 20th November 1999, 10.00am (SAT.1)

Notes -
Episodes were generally transmitted in a bi-weekly schedule.

All episodes were shown with dubbed German soundtracks.

Transmission times in italics are unconfirmed suppositions.

(i) Invasion of the Earthmen was newly-dubbed (along with five Series 5 episodes) and included by SAT.1 as part of a daily re-run of The Avengers in 1993.

(ii) These episodes were newly dubbed in 1996 and had aired on German Pay-TV
channel DF1 prior to the Free-TV premieres shown here. These episodes were shown
on SAT.1 as part of a long run of The Avengers.

(iii) These Avengers episodes were aired as part of a double-header
with other classic television series following on directly afterwards.

Researched and compiled by Cedric Mueller

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