The Avengers was very rarely networked across the whole of the United Kingdom when it was originally broadcast. Regional ITV companies would show the series on different nights, at different times. Only a couple of regions ABC Midlands and ABC North actually showed every episode of The Avengers, and some others showed episodes in wildly different orders. Consequently, it can be difficult to present a coherent broadcast guide. While these variances may be frustrating when trying to produce a concrete transmission guide, it is these very differences that makes looking at the broadcast variations interesting. In the Regional Variations sections across the site, The Avengers Declassified presents all regional transmission details for The Avengers and The New Avengers.

Series 1
The first nine and the final four episodes of Series 1 were transmitted weekly, with the third episode to the ninth being transmitted live. The remainder of the series (episodes ten to twenty-two) was shown fortnightly, alternating with a drama series set in the world of publishing, Deadline Midnight.

To put the information in context, The Avengers Declassified presents a brief map and guide to the ITV Regions as they were when The Avengers: Series 1 was aired ITV Regions 1961.

Researched and compiled by Simon Coward, Alan Hayes and John Tomlinson

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