Respectfully dedicated to the memory of Donald Monat (1928-2018),
Simon Oates (1932-2009), Tony Jay (1933-2006),
John Wright (1933-2008) and Leonard White (1916-2016),
all fondly remembered friends of The Avengers Declassified

The Avengers Declassified focuses on the cultural phenomenon of The Avengers in all its dramatic forms television, radio, audio, film and theatre. The emphasis is firmly upon the sharing of information, surviving ephemera from the time of the series production, particularly focusing on eras and productions that are less well-documented elsewhere. You may even find an interview or two along the way.

So dig out your raincoat and take a trip back in time to the grimy and grubby beginnings of the series or pour a perfectly chilled glass of champagne and stop off in the mid-Sixties for a lesson in style and panache. As was always the case with The Avengers, there's something for everyone and visitors to this site will find many varied flavours and styles to enjoy among our pages. It's a scrapbook. It's a commentary. It's a reference work. More than anything, it's a bit of fun.

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