Dr Brent's Casebook - An Unauthorised Guide to Police Surgeon

Dr Brent's Casebook tells the story of Police Surgeon, a short-lived 1960 television series that gave Ian Hendry (The Lotus Eaters, Get Carter) his first regular starring role. It made its mark in TV history not for what it was but for what it led to the world-beating show The Avengers. Unlike its illustrious successor, Police Surgeon has faded from public memory and has rarely been revisited for the purposes of research or retrospective celebration.

Richard McGinlay and Alan Hayes now redress the balance, revealing information about the creation of the series, its production, transmission and narratives including the mysterious Diplomatic Immunity, which never appeared in TV listings and the circumstances that caused Police Surgeon to be brought to a sudden end after just 13 weeks.

Two Against the Underworld

Avengers Declassified writers Alan Hayes and Richard McGinlay have furthered their researches for this website to produce the definitive book about The Avengers Series 1.

This books expands significantly upon what is presented here at The Avengers Declassified, not because the website is less important to us, but because print allows us the freedom to go into great detail in a way which is not ideally suited to web presentation. Also, once you have a book, it is there on the bookshelf and is not going to suddenly blip out of existence as websites are sadly wont to do.

Between 2013 and 2014, Alan and Richard teamed up with Alys Hayes to explore the mysterious first series of The Avengers, with the results of their researches being published as The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes (2013) and With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes (2014). These books were very well-received and have even been used as reference sources by Big Finish Productions in the adapting of Series 1 stories for audio.

In November 2015, both these books were superceded by a single volume entitled Two Against the Underworld, which merges together the content of the book. In bringing this definitive title together, the authors have revised the content, corrected factual errors, and added new material. The book was further updated in a second edition, published in 2017 in the wake of the discovery of Tunnel of Fear.


If you only buy one Avengers book, then this is perhaps the one because it's different to all the others in that it tells personal stories of how fans have interacted with the series in many parts of the world. It's for charity - each sale benefits the Champion Chanzige cause, helping underprivileged children in South Tanzania - and it's written by not one, not two, but 45 brilliant writers, including pioneering Avengers historian Dave Rogers.

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