In this section, which was launched on Wednesday 6th February 2013 to mark Patrick Macnee's 91st birthday, you will find a history of The Avengers on the Internet and The Avengers Declassified's recommended weblinks.

The history, Webscape in Time, is divided into years (linked from the menu bar, right) and features details of and links to Internet archive snapshots of websites that are otherwise dead and gone. Ones that aren't gone are shown in various stages of their development. There is also an alphabetical list of all the websites featured in the Webscape pages. Take a journey back in time to the pioneering days of Avengers websites – and return to the present in time for Champagne and canapés!

Our weblinks section is not meant to be definitive. On the Weblinks page you will find links to other sites from the same stable as The Avengers Declassified and our recommended Avengers websites.

A Co-Production of Steedumbrella
and The Avengers Declassified
by Denis Kirsanov and Alan Hayes

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