This page contains hyperlinks to snapshots of old versions of websites that are preserved's Wayback Machine. Occasionally, images on these archived sites will be missing, but they are linked to to give a general idea of the sites as they appeared at or near the time concerned, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Avengers fans.

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January 2005

9, Primrose Crescent
United Kingdom
James Harvey launches a new website dedicated to the Tara King character and her era of The Avengers. The name, 9, Primrose Crescent, is Tara's fictional address in the series.
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16th January 2005

Frank Faber's Homepage
The Avengers / De Wrekers

Frank Faber reorganises his The Avengers / De Wrekers website and makes it bilingual, with visitors being able to choose between English and Dutch versions of the site.
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February 2005

United Kingdom
Ian Beazley launches Taraholic, a website devoted to Linda Thorson's era of The Avengers. The site includes historical notes, photographs, memorabilia, location information and details about Linda Thorson and her career.
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1st April 2005

The Avengers Artland

United Kingdom
Ian Duerden breathtaking website, The Avengers Artland, is the latest to join the ranks at TheAvengers.TV. This is one of two versions of Ian's site remaining on the web today. In recent years the site at has been rebranded Ian Charles Duerden Artland while the one at TheAvengers.TV retains its original name.
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Autumn 2005

Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir

Another French language discussion forum opens, called Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir.
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