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15th April 1995

Episode Guides –
The Avengers

United States
of America
Loren Heisey adds an outline episode guide to The Avengers to her website Episode Guides.
URL (moved 1999 - remains open):
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22nd June 1995

The Unofficial Avengers Home Page
James Dawe opens his site The Unofficial Avengers Home Page, dedicated to the TV series.
URL (now closed – moved 1998):
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28th June 1995

The New Avengers – An Episode Guide
United Kingdom
Bevis King creates the first website dedicated to the The New Avengers, an episode guide which is hosted by the University of Surrey, where he works.
URL (now closed):
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Summer 1995

The Avengers
Florent Toniello's The Avengers goes down in the history books as the person who produced the first French language website devoted to the series. The site is hosted by the Université Lille 1 and will eventually move to in 1997. The site never develops to any great degree, but it did get in there first!
URL (now closed – moved 1997):
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