The Avengers The Complete Series 4

Region 2 United Kingdom

5th July 2010

Some copies of this set are faulty,
please see Disc Replacement Information

Special Features in this Edition

  • Exclusive audio commentary for The Town of No Return with director Roy Ward Baker and scriptwriter / producer Brian Clemens

  • Exclusive audio commentary for The Master Minds with scriptwriter Robert Banks Stewart

  • Exclusive audio commentary on Dial A Deadly Number with scriptwriter Roger Marshall

  • Exclusive audio commentary on The Hour That Never Was with director Gerry O'Hara

  • Exclusive audio commentary on The House That Jack Built with director Don Leaver

  • The Series of No Return Exclusive audio interview with Elizabeth Shepherd

  • USA Chessboard opening sequence

  • The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse promotional trailer

  • Alternative end tag from Death At Bargain Prices

  • Episode reconstructions for Series 1 scripts Kill The King and Dead of Winter

  • Colourised test footage from Death At Bargain Prices and A Touch of Brimstone

  • Reconstructed The Avengers Are Back John Stamp trailer

  • Alternative UK opening and closing credits

  • Alternative UK animated bumpers

  • Armchair Theatre The Hothouse (starring Diana Rigg)

  • UK animated bumper

  • Variant opening title credits for The Gravediggers

  • French opening credits

  • German opening credits

  • ITN Newsreel footage

  • Stills galleries

  • PDF material (scripts, TV Times, ABC Production paperwork)

Thanks to Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal for giving us access to two sets of exclusive screen captures which further demonstrate the improvements between the old DVD releases and the new StudioCanal release.

Screen Captures: Death at Bargain Prices What the Butler Saw

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