The Avengers The Complete Series 3

Region 2 United Kingdom

15th February 2010

Special Features in this Edition

  • Audio commentary by Brian Clemens on Brief for Murder

  • Audio commentary by Don Leaver on Man With Two Shadows

  • Audio commentary by Richard Bates on The Grandeur That Was Rome

  • Audio commentary by Roger Marshall on Mandrake

  • Audio commentary by Jonathan Alwyn on The Outside-In Man

  • Series 3 promotional brochure

  • Vintage Channel 4 filmed introductions to Don't Look Behind You, The Undertakers, Death of a Batman, November Five, Second Sight, The Gilded Cage, The Medicine Men, The Wringer, The Little Wonders, The Charmers and Esprit de Corps

  • Avenging the Avengers documentary

  • Avenging the Avengers extended interviews Macnee / Blackman / Thorson

  • Series 1 Episode Reconstructions Double Danger and A Change of Bait

  • Newsreel footage (Honor Blackman's Judo book)

  • Gale Force part 2 (Honor Blackman interview)

  • Armchair Theatre The Importance of Being Earnest starring Patrick Macnee Act 3 only

  • Stills gallery for featured episodes

  • Behind the scenes stills from The Undertakers

  • PDF material: Scripts for all episodes, 3 x TV Times features, Psychology magazine and the Meet the Avengers book)

Thanks to Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal for providing exclusive screen captures which demonstrate the improvements between the old Contender DVD release and the new StudioCanal release, available from Monday.

Screen Captures: The Outside-In Man

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