The Avengers The Complete Series 2
+ Surviving Episodes from Series 1

Region 2 United Kingdom

5th October 2009

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Special Features in this Edition

  • Surviving Ian Hendry Series 1 episodes:
    Hot Snow (Act One only)
    Girl on the Trapeze
    The Frighteners

  • Exclusive audio commentary by Producer Leonard White on the surviving footage from the opening episode, Hot Snow

  • Police Surgeon Easy Money starring Ian Hendry. Surviving opening episode of the series that is regarded as the precursor to The Avengers

  • Filmed introduction to Police Surgeon by Producer Leonard White

  • Exclusive, newly filmed interview with Honor Blackman

  • Exclusive audio commentary by writer Martin Woodhouse on Mr Teddy Bear

  • Exclusive audio commentary by Producer Leonard White on The Mauritius Penny

  • Exclusive audio commentary by writer Roger Marshall on Death of A Great Dane

  • Exclusive audio commentary by actress Julie Stevens on A Chorus of Frogs

  • Filmed introductions by actress Julie Stevens

  • Insert reprint of original publicity brochure for the first Honor Blackman season

  • Insert reprints of Leonard White's scrapbooks featuring Tele-Snaps of lost Series 1 episodes

  • PDF material including original scripts

  • Extensive stills galleries

Exclusive Interview with Screen Captures and Tele-Snaps
Our thanks to Jaz Wiseman, content producer for StudioCanal Releasing's The Avengers range, for kindly agreeing to be interviewed for The Avengers Declassified. In this first interview Jaz has given about the range, he talks about the forthcoming The Complete Series 2 release, which also contains the surviving materials from the first series. Jaz also touches upon what he plans for subsequent volumes and has given this site the first look at screen captures from episodes and the first publication of examples of Leonard White's Tele-Snaps, which have been uncovered in the making of this DVD set.

Jaz Wiseman Interview

Screen Captures: A Chorus of Frogs

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