Thursday 9th June 2011 –
The Avengers Dead Man's Treasure Hunt 2011 – 25th Anniversary Event

Are you a fan of The Avengers and other cult TV series of the 1960s and 70s?

Then why not join The Avengers Dead Man's Treasure Hunt for a weekend of fun and games around those fantastic series? 2011 will mark the 50th Anniversary of The Avengers and the 25th Anniversary of the Dead Man's Treasure Hunt, which is why the DMTH is planning to celebrate in style!

The event will take place at The Edgwarebury Hotel, a 4 Star Hotel in the heart of Avengerland (which you may remember seeing in the episode Wish You Were Here), on the weekend of Friday 8th – Sunday 10th of July 2011. It includes a tour of locations featured in The Avengers and similar shows and a jolly evening of fun and frolics. As always, Sunday morning will be devoted to the Treasure Hunt itself, followed by a well-earned lunch, before the weekend concludes around 4pm.

If you're interested and want to know a little more, please e-mail DMTH at:

Registration has already begun, but there are still a few spaces left.

Please note that this is a small-scale not-for-profit event, organised by fans for other afficionados, which has been running for 25 years now. Oh, and in case you're wondering: You're NOT expected to turn up in fancy dress!

Sunday 19th December 2010 –
Bowler Hat and Country Seats – 2011 Calendar
My wife Alys has photographed and compiled a 2011 Calendar of Avengers filming locations so we had something to stick on the wall in the absence of an official calendar. After completing it, we thought that perhaps other Avengers fans might be interested also, so we've made it available via The photographs are all Alys' own work and the calendar is completely unofficial. It's full colour and printed by Lulu and despatched by them. Alys has made two variants – one with UK holiday dates and another with US dates. Otherwise they are identical. Please take a look – and if you purchase, you'll be helping to keep us in food and drink over the festive period!

Bowler Hat and Country Seat – Calendar 2011 (UK Version)

Bowler Hat and Country Seat – Calendar 2011 (USA Version)

Tuesday 7th December 2010 –
From StudioCanal:


It has come to our attention that the audio of all the Avengers Series 5 episodes and one episode (“THE FORGET-ME-KNOT” on Disc One) of Series 6 carries a pitch level that some people may feel is too high. We recognise that some viewers are dissatisfied with the current audio as it stands and so we have returned to each of the effected episodes and pitch shifted the sound throughout to a lower level that has now addressed the concerns raised.

The revised versions of the episodes will be ready from the beginning of January 2011 and if you wish to replace your current Series 5 discs and Disc One of Series 6 please send the your current discs (separate from the original packaging) with your return address and we will endeavour to return the new versions to you within two weeks from the beginning of January.

Please return your discs to:

The Avengers Series 5/6
50 Marshall Street

Many thanks


Wednesday 17th November 2010 –
From StudioCanal:
"Since the release of The Avengers Series 5 box-set, StudioCanal have received a small number of complaints about the audio pitch levels on some of the episodes. This series was extensively restored from the original materials by some of the leading French technical labs. We are currently investigating the extent of this issue with them and should have more news soon. While these checks are carried out, The Avengers 50th Anniversary box-set has been put on temporary hold."

Monday 15th November 2010 – Further Guests announced for June's Celebration event
The organisers of The Avengers 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held at the University of Chichester on 25th and 26th June 2011 have announced that the following additional guests have confirmed their attendance at the event:

  • Honor Blackman

  • Linda Thorson

  • Peter J Elliott

  • John Carson

  • Anneke Wills

Additional guest and ticket pricing should be announced soon.

Monday 11th October 2010 – The Avengers – A Celebration... Coming soon from Titan Books
Many thanks to Tom Green at Titan Books for sending us the following press release about their hotly-anticipated The Avengers – A Celebration: 50 Years of a Television Classic, written by Marcus Hearn with a foreword by Patrick Macnee. In addition to Marcus' text (which can be relied upon to be of a high standard), the book is lavishly illustrated with many rare photographs and stylishly designed. It's been a good few years since the last book on the subject and with the 50th Anniversary just around the corner, this will undoubtedly prove to be a most welcome addition to any Avengers fan's collection. This book comes highly recommended by The Avengers Declassified.

Read the Press Release
Buy from and support TheAvengers.TV

Friday 8th October 2010 – Roy Ward Baker 1916-2010
I'm very sad to report the death of Avengers director, Roy Ward Baker. Roy leaves behind an incredible legacy of British film and television work of the very highest standard. He will be well-remembered by Avengers fans for the seven episodes of Series 4 which he directed, including classics such as The Town of No Return and Too Many Christmas Trees. Roy was a driving force in creating the look of the filmed era Avengers – and would return once more in 1968 for Split! We are fortunate that Roy's reminiscences were recorded as commentaries for The Town of No Return and Split! (both with Brian Clemens). It's just sad that the latter will be released posthumously in the UK. Of course, Roy's career was so much more than just The Avengers – his film work for Hammer Films is fondly remembered, as are his work on ITC series such as The Saint, Department S, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and The Persuaders! among many others. Again, it is heartening that Roy was able to record commentaries and interviews regarding several of these series and films. Roy was 93 – a fine age, but it's still sad to lose another link with the golden era of British film and television. He passed away on Tuesday 5th October 2010. Rest in peace.

Thursday 7th October 2010 – Major 50th Anniversary Avengers event announced!
Thanks to Jaz Wiseman for passing along the following publicity for what promises to be an unmissable Avengers event for the anniversary year. More details very soon.

Friday 17th September 2010 – Series 6 Screen Captures (StudioCanal DVD)
Please take a look at StudioCanal DVD News for details.

Monday 13th September 2010 – No Avengers Calendar for Anniversary Year
Disappointing news to report... There has been much speculation recently regarding the late arrival of the 2011 Avengers Calendar. Unfortunately, it transpires that Slow Dazzle, the company who have produced the calendars for more than ten years have lost their licence to produce further editions. Designer Jaz Wiseman, who has produced all but one of the Slow Dazzle calendars, has revealed that there will not be a calendar for The Avengers' 50th Anniversary year, at least not from Slow Dazzle. The absence of a calendar in the shops from a replacement company would seem to point to Studio Canal having not neogtiated a new licensee to produce one. Very sad and, it must be said, highly disappointing for Avengers fans. Jaz's work on these calendars has been nothing short of superb and for the calendars to stop is bad enough, but in anniversary year? Now that's just not cricket!

Friday 3rd September 2010 – Avengers Producer's Memoirs... Part One!
I'm delighted to be able to announce the publication of The Avengers original producer, Leonard White's autobiography, Many Moons and a few stars, which covers roughly the first thirty years of Len's long and very full life. Published by our good friends at Kaleidoscope Publishing, this book comes highly recommended by The Avengers Declassified – it may not quite reach Len's time on The Avengers (that will be covered in a hoped-for second volume), but this first part gives a fascinating insight into the early years of one of the men responsible for the creation of a British and ultimately global institution. The book costs a very reasonable £12.99 including postage (UK orders) and international orders are welcome and straightforward to process. For further details, please see Kaleidoscope Publishing's ordering page and tell 'em I sent ya!

Also today, StudioCanal Avengers News has been updated...

Monday 23rd August 2010 – Series 1 Live Episodes Were DEFINITELY Recorded
There has long been a theory which I've been suspicious of, that the seven Series 1 episodes to be transmitted live – Square Root of Evil, Nightmare, Crescent Moon, Girl on the Trapeze, Diamond Cut Diamond, The Radioactive Man and Ashes of Roses – were never recorded to videotape by ABC. Well, that can be firmly disproved now as a production memo has been discovered which concerns a proposed repeat run of Series 1 episodes. See Avengers 1961 Repeats for further details.

Tuesday 17th August 2010 – StudioCanal Avengers + Reavenging
Thanks to Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal, who have provided The Avengers Declassified with details of the special features for the forthcoming Series 5 Avengers set, to be released later this year. Read the announcement here.

Also today, an update about the London Avengers event – Reavenging – that was reported in AvengerNews back in June. Guests have now been confirmed and it's looking to be an event not to be missed. It's taking place on Sunday 10th October 2010 at the George IV Public House and Comedy Club, 185 Chiswick High Road, London W4 2DR. Confirmed guests thus far are: Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale, Series 2+3), Murray Melvin (Hot Snow), Tom Adams (Take Over), Philip Anthony (Man With Two Shadows + The Outside-In Man) and Peter J. Elliot (stuntman, Series 5). Further guests are expected to be announced. For registration details, please follow this link.

Finally, there has been an update from StudioCanal regarding the Series 4 disc errors – please see StudioCanal Avengers: Series 4.

Saturday 7th August 2010 – A Conversation with Burt Kwouk at The London Film Museum
Thanks to Barry Clarke for letting me know about this forthcoming event featuring Burt Kwouk, best known for his role as Cato in the fondly remembered Pink Panther films but also a veteran of three Avengers episodes (Kill the King, The Cybernauts and Lobster Quadrille). The interview, hosted by film historian Barry Littlechild, will take place on Thursday 18th November 2010 between 7.30 and 9.30pm at The London Film Museum, The Master's House, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road), London SE11 4TH. Tickets are available at £6.50 (£5.00 concessions) each via this link.

Saturday 24th July 2010 – Alan Hume (1924-2010)
My recent upheaval with recovering from a computer failure has left me playing catch-up, I'm afraid. One of the news items that I'm late in running concerns Avengers cinematographer, Alan Hume who sadly passed away on Tuesday 13th July. Alan had a long and distinguished career in film making, working with many of the greats – Alexander Korda, David Lean and Val Guest. Any career that takes in The Avengers, James Bond, Star Wars and the Carry On films is pretty exceptional, and Alan was much respected in the industry. Alan was cinematographer on twenty-six episodes of The Avengers between 1965 and 1968 – the equivalent of a full series. Alan had planned to contribute a commentary for the new DVDs on one of his episodes, The Joker, but sadly, this was not to be. RIP.

Monday 19th July 2010 – Series 4 Replacement Discs Procedure
Please check out the StudioCanal Avengers page for details.

Thursday 15th July 2010 –
Replacement discs on the way – UK Series 4 DVD Set
StudioCanal have made an official announcement today regarding a replacement programme for the two discs in their Series 4 Avengers set that feature encoding errors. Please check out StudioCanal DVD News for details.

Saturday 19th June 2010 –
The Strange Case of the Long and the Short of It... 
Many thanks to Trevor Dorman, who has contact The Avengers Declassified with news concerning the print of The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse held at UCLA in Los Angeles. This was tracked down to their archive at the same time as Girl on the Trapeze and the first act of Hot Snow were discovered. At the time, there was some discussion as to it being an extended 20-minute version of this promotional film (which runs to about 3 minutes in known prints). Trevor has been in contact with UCLA and after much discussion has managed to get the UCLA staff to screen the print to check it. It transpires that it is the same length as the generally available print – and this checks out with Brian Clemens' statement that they they only ever made the version that everyone is familiar with. It is, however, important to prove or disprove myths and Trevor's efforts in ascertaining exactly what the UCLA hold are to be applauded.

Saturday 12th June 2010 –
Brian Clemens, OBE! – Avengers Legend Honoured in Queen's Birthday Honours 
Prolific Avengers writer and producer, Brian Clemens has been awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in the Queen's Birthday Honours, announced today. With a career in writing and production stretching back to the 1950s and a string of television successes to his name – The Avengers, The New Avengers, Thriller, The Professionals and Bugs – along with works for film and stage, there can be no denying that this award is very much deserved, perhaps even somewhat overdue. The award is undoubtedly timely however, with Brian's retrospective season at the BFI Southbank imminent. My thanks to Ella Knight at the BFI for the great image of Brian that runs alongside this announcement.

Pardon the editorialising, and I'm not normally one to get that het up about Honours lists, but considering her recent high profile successes in championing the plight of the Gurkhas, surely Joanna Lumley (who already has an OBE) is now well overdue a Damehood. In addition to her work for the Gurkhas, Joanna has long been a national treasure and just about anything she has been involved in has been a popular success. The Avengers already has one Dame amongst its central cast – Diana Rigg – and it seems mean and churlish to overlook Joanna for the same honour.

Thursday 10th June 2010 –
BFI Brian Clemens Season – Official Announcement 
"From 2 – 31 July, the BFI is celebrating the work of British TV and cinema writer Brian Clemens. He has worked for some of the greatest action / adventure series ever made and the BFI will be showcasing a selection of his work including The Avengers, Danger Man and Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. Clemens will also be joining us for two on-stage interviews." Full details: BFI Brian Clemens Season. Thanks to Ella Knight.

Wednesday 9th June 2010 –
London Avengers Event – October 2010 
Not much to report at this stage, but there's a small Avengers convention called Reavenging – Celebrating The Avengers scheduled for this coming October in Chiswick, London. Further details here at the Fantom Films website. Guests to be announced. Tickets will be limited to 60 attendees. Thanks to Kim at The Avengers Forum for flagging this up.

Thursday 3rd June 2010 –
BFI Southbank's Brian Clemens Season
As promised, The Avengers Declassified is bringing you updated news on the Brian Clemens season, courtesy of the BFI. The season will be running throughout July. Included will be two interview sessions with Brian Clemens, one on The Avengers, the other on his wider career, plus showings of Clemens Avengers episodes, Don't Look Behind You, A Touch of Brimstone and The Eagle's Nest (from The New Avengers). The season will also feature screenings of several of Brian's contributions to other television series and films. Full details at the BFI's website.

Monday 24th May 2010 –
The Avengers DVD Set 3 – Series 4 – EXCLUSIVE SCREEN CAPTURES
Thanks to Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal for providing exclusive screen captures which demonstrate the improvements between the old Contender DVD release and the forthcoming StudioCanal release. Take a look at the screen caps here... Pre-order this DVD set at via this affiliated link – and help support TheAvengers.TV!

Friday 30th April 2010 – News Round-Up
A round-up of heads-ups to bring the month to a close:

  • It appears that the series' fast approaching 50th Anniversary year will not be going uncelebrated officially – Titan Books are publishing a book this September entitled The Avengers: A Celebration – 50 Years of TV's Most Stylish Show. The author is Marcus Hearn, who has an excellent track record and can be relied upon to come up with something befitting the series' reputation. The book will be a 160 page hardcover and can be pre-ordered from – use this link and benefit TheAvengers.TV by ordering via this site.

  • Meanwhile, StudioCanal's UK DVD release of The Avengers Series 4 appears to have been postponed once more, to Monday 5th July 2010. Certainly, Amazon and other online retailers have altered their expected ETA for the title to this date.

  • Finally, thanks to Dick Fiddy for passing on early details about the BFI Southbank's forthcoming season celebrating the career of Brian Clemens. The season will cover much of Brian's TV work including of course The Avengers. There will be a screening of A Touch of Brimstone on Thursday 22nd July 2010 followed by an on-stage chat with Brian about his work on the series. A second interview covering the rest of Brian's career will take place on the 28th. The episodes Don't Look Behind You and The Eagle's Nest will also be screened as part of the celebration. Full details of the season will be on the BFI website from early June. More news as we have it.

Wednesday 14th April 2010 – Dead Man's Treasure Hunt 2010
Event organiser Chris Gabb has contacted The Avengers Declassified and would like to make the following announcement:

Dead Man's Treasure Hunt – 2nd-4th July 2010
The Dead Man's Treasure Hunt is a weekend devoted to The Avengers and similar TV series of the 1960s and 70s.

Taking place in deepest Avengerland (Borehamwood and Elstree) over the weekend of Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th July 2010, the weekend includes a tour of locations used in The Avengers and similar shows of the time, and an evening of games and quizzes with the emphasis very much on fun. Sunday morning is devoted to the Treasure Hunt itself, followed by a well earned lunch.

Now approaching its 24th year, registration for the whole weekend is only £30.

Accommodation is available at £55 per room per night (including a continental breakfast) and those choosing to stay on the Sunday night will get that night free as part of the hotel's "stay 3 nights and pay for 2 offer".

If you're interested, and want to know a little more, please drop us an e-mail at

These events are very popular and well worth attending. A printable registration form can be downloaded here.

Tuesday 13th April 2010 – News Round-Up
Declassified has had to take a bit of a back seat in recent weeks, so here's a brief round-up of what's been going on in AvengerNews...

  • Firstly, StudioCanal's The Avengers Series 4 DVD set has had to be delayed by a short while and is now scheduled for 7th June 2010...

  • Another company is also releasing The Avengers on DVD in the UK, as a magazine and DVD partwork entitled The Avengers: The Ultimate DVD Collection. Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. have been testing the waters in some UK regions with issues containing the very earliest episodes. It appears from their website that when the partwork goes national, it will instead commence with the black-and-white Emma Peel episodes. Each disc will contain two episodes and the accompanying magazines will contain features about the episodes on the discs. It should be pointed out that while the initial issues will be available in high street shops, purchasers will need to order the bulk of the issues via mail order. From past experience, the customer service departments of these partwork companies are notoriously poor, and for this reason, The Avengers Declassified recommends taking out a rolling order with your local newsagent if you wish to buy. It should also be noted that this is a very expensive way to buy the series – c. £650 for the series without extras compared to about £275 for the feature-packed StudioCanal sets!

  • The Avengers Declassified would also like to mark the recent passing of the actor Corin Redgrave, who appeared as Quentin Slim in Lobster Quadrille (1964). Redgrave had a remarkable career, on television, film, the stage and in politics. He died on April 6th 2010, aged 70.

Thursday 11th February 2010 –
The Avengers DVD Set 2 – Series 3 – EXCLUSIVE SCREEN CAPTURES
Thanks to Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal for providing exclusive screen captures which demonstrate the improvements between the old Contender DVD release and the new StudioCanal release, available from Monday. Take a look at the screen caps here...

Saturday 6th February 2010 – Sir John Dankworth 1927-2010
I'm very sad to announce that Sir John Dankworth, perhaps better known to Avengers fans as Johnny Dankworth, the composer of the original Avengers theme and incidental music library, has died today aged 82. Dankworth was made a Knight Bachelor in the 2006 New Year's Honours List for his services to music. He was a well-known and much loved jazz performer and his distinctive theme for The Avengers played a part in the series' early success. He is survived by his wife and long-term musical collaborator, Dame Cleo Laine. Rest in peace, Johnny.

Monday 31st January 2010 –
StudioCanal Avengers – Series 4
Special Features for the Series 4 release have been announced...

Sunday 31st January 2010 –
StudioCanal Avengers – Series 3
Information for the Series 3 release has been updated...

Wednesday 16th December 2009 –
Replacement Discs for The Avengers DVD Set 1
Jaz Wiseman has made the following announcement regarding the replacement programme for the faulty discs in the Series 1+2 set: "I am expecting check discs of the replacement discs next week. Once these are confirmed as being OK, the replacement discs will be manufactured. Obviously this process is going to be held up with the Christmas and New Year break so in early January StudioCanal will make the final announcement. Apologies to all customers but the replacement disc process has taken longer than anticipated."

Friday 6th November 2009 –
Official Announcement from StudioCanal re. Series 1+2 DVD Set 
StudioCanal do the decent thing... see StudioCanal Avengers.

Sunday 18th October 2009 –
Bad news about the first StudioCanal set 
May contain traces of cock-up... see StudioCanal Avengers.

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 –
Exclusive Preview of Series 3 UK DVD Set!
Hot on the heels of StudioCanal's highly anticipated Series 1+2 DVD set (due October 5th – if you haven't ordered it yet, don't miss out!) comes the announcement that Series 3 will follow in February 2010. As with the first release, it will feature 26 digitally restored episodes and extensive special features. Take a look at our StudioCanal Avengers page for an exclusive preview of the box art and special features, courtesy of Jaz Wiseman and StudioCanal.

Monday 7th September 2009 –
StudioCanal DVD – Interview, Screen Captures and Tele-Snaps! 
Check out StudioCanal Avengers for an exclusive interview with Jaz Wiseman, special features producer. We also have a first peek (anywhere!) at the recently discovered Series One Tele-Snaps courtesy of Leonard White and screen capture comparisons of the new restorations and the old DVD versions, courtesy of Jaz and StudioCanal. Take a look!

Wednesday 8th July 2009 –
Finally! The Avengers DVD set that fans have been waiting for! 
Yes, it's true. You can believe your eyes. The Avengers is coming to UK DVD from StudioCanal this October and it's news so big, it has been given its own section here – StudioCanal Avengers. Take a look there for a full rundown on the extra features in the first volume (covering Series 1+2) and the first clear image of the box artwork published anywhere. Thanks to StudioCanal for giving The Avengers Declassified this exclusive.

The DVD sets will contain audio commentaries and interviews, archive features and many other exciting items, including extensive stills galleries – and there's still more to be confirmed. Watch the StudioCanal Avengers pages for updated information.

Tuesday 23rd June 2009 –
The Star Who Fell From Grace – new single from Honor Blackman!
She may still be trying to forget the wonderfully slipshod single she made with Patrick Macnee, Kinky Boots, but the delightful Honor Blackman is on the verge of releasing a new single!

Entitled The Star Who Fell From Grace, this is to be released in the UK on Monday 13th July 2009. It might not bother the charts, but good luck to Honor in her latest endeavour. Buy from and support this site.

Tuesday 16th June 2009 –
German Avengers fans get 1967 DVD release this August
Newly listed on – the second DVD volume from Kinowelt, featuring the full Emma Peel colour series across eight discs.

After their stylish and unique packaging for Edition 1 (Series 4, B/W Emma Peel), Kinowelt have continued to go for a retro look with this packaging. These designs are undoubtedly among the most attractive ever to adorn an Avengers home video release. It's great that there are still new DVD releases of the series being issued, all over Europe and the world. Click on the image for a direct link to's pre-order page for the release.

The DVD set is due for release on Friday 21st August 2009.

Saturday 13th June 2009 – Sir Frank N. Stone!  After the downbeat opening to AvengerNews, it's pleasing to be able to pass along some good news. Veteran character actor, Christopher Lee is to be Knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours this summer. Lee made two unforgettable appearances in The Avengers, as Dr. Stone in Never, Never Say Die and as Colonel Mannering in The Interrogators. He made his name in Hammer Films between the Fifties and Seventies, and has gone on to feature in major film franchises including James Bond, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. This award is much deserved and perhaps more than a little overdue. A legend of the British screen.

Tuesday 2nd June 2009 – Terence Alexander (1923-2009): Another sad passing to report – this time, Terence Alexander, veteran of four Avengers episodes – The Town of No Return, The Correct Way to Kill, Love All and Angels of Death (The New Avengers). Best known for his role as Charlie Hungerford in Bergerac, Terence Alexander was an immensely popular actor and will be much missed.

Friday 22nd May 2009 – Simon Oates (1932-2009): I'm very sorry to report that the actor Simon Oates, known to fans of The Avengers principally for his turn as John Steed on the Birmingham and London stage in 1971, died on Wednesday 20th May 2009 after a long illness. Aside from his starring role in The Avengers stage play, Simon also made three memorable guest appearances in The Avengers – in You Have Just Been Murdered, Super Secret Cypher Snatch and Hostage (The New Avengers). He was best known to mainstream audiences for his role as Dr John Ridge in Doomwatch and had a long and successful career in television and on the stage. Alys and I were privileged to interview Simon last November at his home in East Sussex and were taken aback at the incredibly warm welcome that he and his wife, Jaki, afforded us – two complete strangers. Simon was quite clearly not a well man even then, but he was wonderful company, full of funny, surprising and fascinating stories, delivered with passion and wit. Alys and I are devastated that Simon has passed away and send our heartfelt condolences to Jaki, the family and Simon's many friends. As a measure of our affection for Simon, we have dedicated this new website to his memory. Visitors are welcome to read the interview and our tribute to this kind gentleman. Rest in peace, Simon. And thank you.

Friday 15th May 2009 – Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (1923-2009): The much-loved Australian actor, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, who appeared in The Avengers episodes The Nutshell and Return of the Cybernauts, has died aged 86. Tingwell worked in Britain for many years, featuring in fondly recalled series like Catweazle, Adam Adamant Lives! and Gerry Anderson's UFO, before returning to his homeland where he remained working right to the end. A talented actor who will be sadly missed on both sides of the globe.

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