Wednesday 14th August 2013 - Please excuse the lateness of this update, which should not be interpreted as a lack of interest! The first episode of Too Many Steeds was made available to view at YouTube on 1st August 2013 and it's only now that my mad lifestyle of late has permitted me time to mention it. Never try to move house is all I'll say! Anyway, take a brisk stroll over to Channel Steed to watch this great new Avengers animation!

Wednesday 12th June 2013 - If the last update was considered a big day for the animations, here's another! Production on the next animated serial is underway and Paul has sent me a link to a teaser video. It's wonderful - and manages to use peripheral material from the off-air radio series recordings in an imaginative way. The new serial, based on the radio serial Too Many Olés, will be called Too Many Steeds at the suggestion of The Avengers Declassified, giving the Fazz68 version its own identity. Take a short hop over to Channel Steed to view the teaser.

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 - A big day for the animations today, as this new section of The Avengers Declassified opens its doors for the first time. The Animations sub-section of the site boasts an episode guide to The Cybernauts, the first animation by Paul Farrer/Fazz68, plus Channel Steed, where visitors can watch the episodes and bonus items. And the good news is that there is more to come, with a second Avengers animation planned for later in 2013. Paul has been given a full set of The Avengers radio series as restored by The Avengers Declassified, and the Muvizu software used is being updated, so future productions should be even better! More details about that soon!

News by Alan Hayes / Paul Farrer • Images © Paul Farrer / Muvizu – Reproduced with permission

With thanks to Muvizu for their kind assistance

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