A story based on the radio serial Too Many Olés.


Dark plots are hatching beneath a bull ring in the Spanish town of Tarragon, centred on the destruction of an international peace conference taking place nearby. Steed and Mrs Peel are attending the conference, to ensure that it proceeds without incident. However, it is actually Steed's position as a trusted face that could put the talks in jeopardy.

Underneath the bull ring, saboteurs Arcos and Markin have been trying to create doubles of John Steed, surgically altering the faces of their fellow agents working from photographs of our dashing hero. The scheme is for their 'Steed' to infiltrate the conference and plant a bomb in the chairman's gavel to kill the delegates. When their initial copies of Steed prove unconvincing, Arcos moves to kidnap Steed himself, so that their surgeon can base his next copy on the real thing... after which, the British agent will be surplus to Arcos' requirements - and expendable!

The Avengers: Animation 2
Production Completed:
In Production
Recording Format: 720P HD Video
Project Type: Non-Commercial Fan Animation
Software Used: Muvizu
PART 1 (16m47s): Thu 1 Aug 2013
Other parts to follow
John Steed
Emma Peel
Baron Von Curt
Captain José
Donald Monat
Diane Appleby

Original Radio Adaptation

Original Script by
Radio Adaptation by
Produced by
Brian Clemens
Dennis Folbigge
David Gooden


A Fazz68 Production

Animated by
Animation Script by
Avengers Art
Directed by
Set Design by
Assets by
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer
Dandy Forsdyke
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer, Muvizu & the Muvizu Community

Produced with the assistance of
Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified

Created using Muvizu Animation Software – available free at www.muvizu.com
End of Part 1:
Lux Commercial

After a strong start with The Cybernauts, Paul Farrer's second Avengers animation demonstrates an even greater confidence. The radio series having set the story in Spain gives the animation a novel twist compared to its television equivalent, and it gives us a little glimpse into just how They Keep Killing Steed might have turned out had the international filming taken place as planned.


  • Production Brief... This non-commercial animation was based upon Too Many Olés, a radio adaptation of an early, aborted script for the television episode, They Keep Killing Steed. The serial was adapted by Dennis Folbigge from an original script by Brian Clemens, and was broadcast on Springbok Radio in South Africa in June 1972.

  • The starting point for these animations was to construct a soundtrack, complete with dialogue and music, cut to the intended timing. The visuals were then created using the Muvizu animation software.

  • As with the first Fazz68 Avengers animation, The Cybernauts, Hugh Rouse's narration from the original radio broadcasts was again excised, so as to aid the presentation of the story in visual form.

  • The animations were produced by Paul Farrer (Fazz68), and include nods and homages to other television series and films. See how many you can spot!

  • Music Selections... In addition to pieces that featured in the original radio transmissions, the soundtrack of Too Many Steeds was embellished with selections from freeplaymusic.com. Laurie Johnson compositions, including the theme to The Avengers, the 'Mrs Peel We're Needed' teaser theme and Symphony (Synthesis), were also utilised.

  • Trivia... As this animation is based upon Too Many Olés rather than its television equivalent, the action is set in sunny Spain rather than dreary old England. The initial plan for the television episode They Keep Killing Steed was for it to be shot in Spain, buit this idea was dropped due to budgetary reasons. Therefore the radio version and now the animation give an idea of how the episode may have looked and sounded had it gone ahead as originally intended.

  • The title Too Many Steeds was adopted at the suggestion of Alan Hayes of The Avengers Declassified. As the creators of the radio series often invented new titles for the scripts they adapted, and the first animation had not used the radio title, it was decided that the animations should have their own unique titles, to give them their own identity.

  • The Sweeney's Regan and Carter can be seen enjoying the sun at a table outside the Hotel Miranda, Tarragon, in Part 1 of this story. The characters were fresh from the first episode of Fazz68 Productions' Sweeney 2075 and were obviously taking a well-earned sabbatical!

  • And Finally... In an affectionate nod to the Emma Peel television episodes, a 'Mrs Peel We're Needed' sequence is incorporated into the first episode of this animation despite the fact that these elements did not feature in the radio source material.

Plotline by Alan Hayes • Ministry Verdict by Alan Hayes • Declassified by Alan Hayes and Paul Farrer

With thanks to Muvizu for their kind assistance


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