A four part story based on the radio serial A Deadly Gift.


Steed and Mrs Peel are instructed by Mother to investigate the violent deaths of several high-powered executives. The only apparent link between the dead men is that they worked for various engineering or electronic companies, and all have had dealings with the Harachi Corporation a Japanese electronics firm.

It seems that whoever killed these men is incredibly strong, immune to bullets, and, were that not challenge enough for The Avengers, would also appear to be an expert in Karate.

While Steed investigates the Harachi Corporation, Mrs Peel enrols at a karate class, at which she proves her skill at the discipline and encounters Uyama, 'the Tall Mountain'. Could this hulking figure be the murderer?

Steed and Mrs Peel risk getting the chop to get to the bottom of this particular mystery...

The Avengers: Animation 1
Production Completed:
Sun 3 Feb 2013
Recording Format: 720P HD Video
Project Type: Non-Commercial Fan Animation
Software Used: Muvizu
PART 1 (9m00s): Tue 21 Nov 2012
PART 2 (13m14s): Sun 18 Dec 2012
PART 3 (12m06s): Fri 11 Jan 2013
PART 4 (19m21s): Sun 3 Feb 2013
John Steed
Emma Peel
Dr Armstrong
Donald Monat
Diane Appleby

Original Radio Adaptation

Original Script by
Radio Adaptation by
Produced by
Philip Levene
Dennis Folbigge
David Gooden


A Fazz68 Production

Animated by
Animation Script by
Directed by
Set Design by
Assets by
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer, Muvizu & the Muvizu Community
Created using Muvizu Animation Software available free at www.muvizu.com

End of Part 4:
Cold Water Omo Commercial
Separately Released:
Part 4 Teaser and
Wall's Ice Cream's Pink Pussycat Commercial


A wonderfully enjoyable adaptation of an old favourite that manages to surprise and engage its audience right from the casual viewer to the Avengers afficionado. The production is positively brimming with invention, wit and fun and manages to hit a perfect balance between being faithful to the old and updating things for a modern audience. The standard of animation is remarkable for an amateur project, something which speaks volumes not only of the animator but also of the animation software used Muvizu. They, like the animations, are well worth checking out.


  • Production Brief... This non-commercial animation was based upon A Deadly Gift, a radio adaptation of the television episode, The Cybernauts. The serial was adapted by Dennis Folbigge from an original script by Philip Levene, and was broadcast on Springbok Radio in South Africa in June 1972.

  • The starting point for these animations was to construct a soundtrack, complete with dialogue and music, cut to the intended timing. The visuals were then created using the Muvizu animation software.

  • One notable difference between the radio and animated versions was the decision taken not to include the narration from the radio show, which had been voiced by Hugh Rouse. This permitted the story to be told at a more modern pace, through dialogue and visuals, and sidestepped the narration simply describing what was being depicted on screen.

  • The animations were produced by Paul Farrer (Fazz68), and include background (and sometimes foreground!) nods and homages to other television series and films. See how many you can spot!

  • Music Selections... In addition to pieces that featured in the original radio transmissions, the soundtrack of The Cybernauts was embellished with selections from freeplaymusic.com, notably Weather Record, Penthouse for Two and La Cha Cha. The soundtrack was rounded off with Laurie Johnson's theme to The Avengers and Symphony (Synthesis).

  • Trivia... As this animation is based upon A Deadly Gift, the radio version of The Cybernauts, which calls Armstrong's creations 'Pabulum Robots' rather than 'Cybernauts', the decision to rename the animation after the original television episode has a mildly unfortunate side-effect: the word 'Cybernaut' is not spoken by any character!

  • And Finally... Eagle-eyed viewers will notice characters from this Avengers serial turning up in the background of sequences in the subsequent Fazz68 animation project, The Sweeney 2075.

Plotline by Alan Hayes Ministry Verdict by Alan Hayes Declassified by Alan Hayes and Paul Farrer

With thanks to Muvizu for their kind assistance


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